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I think Simple Cooking could be a series I run on here although it would be pretty much every recipe I put up! As I said a few days ago in my first impressions for the April/May Degustabox, I've still got a couple posts from last month's box and here is one of them!

Muj and I have a ridiculous stash of pastas and sauces in our cupboard but when I received these we couldn't wait to try them out! Of course we had to wait until we were both around at the same time to have it but we got there in the end!

The two Organico products were what I received and we just added mini chicken fillets and some mangetout. Yes you are reading that reduced sticker properly, the mangetout cost 1p! There are still 3 or 4 packets in the freezer along with runner beans that were also 1p. Cheapest veg I've ever bought and it's great having in them in the freezer to chuck in with some meals.

There's not really much to say about this recipe to be honest, brown the chicken, cook the pasta, fling the mangetout in the microwave and add the sauce to the pasta! I told you it was simple cooking ;)

Apart from leaving the mangetout in the fridge too long and it being a bit watery this was a great meal! Definitely filling and it tasted great. Apart from me hating tomatos, the sauce was really nice, I just pushed the big chunks out the way and ate the rest!

And that's it for another simple meal from me. I will no doubt be back soon with another!

Alana x


  1. Picking out tomatoes out a tomato sauce lol A lovely nice simple meal - did the pasta have any different taste or texture to it?

  2. I loved the pasta , I am actually trying to convince the mister to use all the time now!

  3. I had to google mangetout! I couldn't tell from the photos if it was a package of peas or edamame!
    We call them sugar snap peas and they are sooooo delicious.


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