Popping my Dainty Doll cherry!

On a recent trip to Pounland, I noticed they had some Dainty Doll stock in. I've never tried it before so I picked up a bunch of shades!

I was a bit gutted when I realised I'd picked up two of the Lollipops and Roses so I might include one of them in a giveaway soon! After some goggling I've noticed there are still some shades from this range so I'd love to get a hold of them and complete the collection! I still need Are You Experienced (Dark Brown), Teach Me Tiger (Orange), Purple Hills (deep purple) and Jungle (emerald green). Chances of me finding them in Poundland again are quite slim but I can always give it a go!

Treat Her Like A Lady (nude). Kingston Town (bright yellow)

Lollipos and Roses (hot pink). Copacabana (bright blue)

They are so pigmented! They feel quite thick and sort of creamy feeling (if that's possible with a powder) yet really light on the skin. Can't wait to create some looks with these! 
Copacabana and Lollipops and Roses could make a great 80's look, Treat Her Like A Lady looks like it could be a good base colour or a light smoky eye and the yellow is less bright yellow and more shimmer which I'll be honest I'm kinda glad of! Don't think I could rock bright yellow eyeshadow!

Have you tried Dainty Doll? What do you think?


"But I can't use that, I'll ruin it!" #1

I have this really bad habit of buying or getting things as gifts and not wanting to use them because they are pretty and I don't want to ruin them. I could probably turn this into a series to be honest the amount of things I have! The two I'll be showing you today are both Hello Kitty makeup products. I got both at Christmas from two separate people (everyone knows I love HK!) and I've still not use them!

How cute are these! Even the outside of them is pretty!

Untouched eyeshadows, mmmmm. Those bottom two shades on the right look especially gorgeous and I can't wait to try out some different eye looks with this palette.
If you look closely you will see a little Hello Kitty in the mirror.

Cutest wee lip tints! I think the main reason I haven't used these is I don't want to lose them!


Peach Sparkle

Pale Pink

Do you have this habit of not using things to avoid 'ruining them'?


Sweating in public

So I'm not the biggest fan of exercising in public. Ok that's an understatement, I fucking hate it! My anxiety sky rockets and I'm terrified that people will stop, stare, laugh; do what shitty people do. Let's all laugh at the fat lady exercising! No, don't.

I was jogging with Muj around the water in Callender Park for a few weeks before and after Race For Life but then after I injured my knees, we couldn't do it and we've not picked it up again yet. Hopefully tomorrow we will get out, there's a small part of me that actually misses it.

I digress. Yesterday, my oldest friend (as in I've known her for 20 years not that she's really old and I'm forcing and old lady to exercise) and I headed to the park armed with exercise gear to get sweaty. We set up a wee circuit to work round and got to it!

As you can see from the picture, we had an exercise ball, weights, skipping ropes, resistance tubes, a power bow and my worst enemy, a hill.  My wee fat body can't handle hills quite yet without trying to power itself down. I'll be changing that!

We had 5 stations if you will to our circuit. Station 1, run from one tree, up the hill to another tree then back down, 3 times! Station 2 was using the power bow and resistance tubes to simulate a rowing machine. Station 3 was pushups with our feet on the exercise ball; well Michaela had her feet on it, I was at my knees because I was terrified that I would roll off and fall down the hill (I nearly did) and crunches with one of the weights on your stomach. Station 4 was using the other weight to do bicep curls and tricep dips. Station 5 was using the skipping ropes for 50 skips.

#1 I managed to jog/run until the last half, I slowed right down. #2 I didn't have any issues with apart from getting the length right so there was actually resistance. #3 the crunches were fine, I love crunches, the push ups, well the less said the better. #4 was fine, I enjoy arm exercises and I need to tone those flabby things up. #5 dear bloody god, I've not skipped since I was about 9. I managed the 50 eventually after whipping myself with the rope, my tits flying aw oer the joint (really need some new sports bras) and standing on the ropes

We did the circuit once then ran up and down the hill again, I only managed twice this time! To cool down but still work our arms, we picked up the exercise ball and passed it to each other for a bit. Holy hell did it work our arms! It got to a point where we were essentially playing giant volleyball. We did get some funny looks but I got to the point where I didn't actually care.

Ahhh my sexy post exercise face. Don't you want me baby?

Asides from it killing me, I loved it. Think we are going to try and do it once a week as long as our schedules work out ok.

Do you do circuit training? Do you enjoy it? Any tips or exercise you'd add in to that routine?


I won a giveaway!

The beautiful Kirsty of thestylekhaleesi was holding a giveaway to celebrate her blog birthday and I only went and won it! I was so shocked. Waiting on my prize getting here was torture, I swear the postie hid it from me for a few days!

So this is the little beauty that I won; a 4 blush palette from Fashionista. I've never been too adventurous with blush before, always paranoid that because I'm so pale I'll end up looking like a clown. I'm learning to try things I'm 'afraid' of though because who knows, I could be pleasantly surprised.

I am in love with all these shades though and can't wait to try them out! Which one to begin with though? D:

Have you ever tried anything from this brand? Let me know below!


Hauly McHaulHaul

Louis and I went to Straiton Retail Park on Friday after his interview and I was overjoyed that there was a Home Bargains, Discount UK and TK Maxx. I'd never heard of Discount UK before, but I was quite pleased to realise it was along the same lines at Home Bargains, B&M, Savers, Poundland, etc. My favourite kind of shops!

I tend to look like a crazy cat lady when I enter these kinds of shops, rummaging through all the shelves seeing if any bargains are hiding away, talking to myself (although that happens all the freaking time, let's be honest!) weighing up what I should get and what I probably should put back.

L-R Radiance, Dusk Brunante, Mochachino, Kisses
My Sally Hansen polish collection is growing a fair bit! I got 2 in a pack and each pack was £1. You can get these polishes on directcosmetics prices range from 99p - £1.99 which for Sally Hansen products, I think is fabby! I'm assuming they are older or discontinued shades but I'm not too fussed to be honest. I think I now have 3 or 4 shades of the Insta-Dri range, it's great!

I've seen so much about blending sponges but I've never actually tried one so when I saw this wee one hiding away at the back of a shelf in TK Maxx I thought I'd finally take the leap and try it out for myself. I was quite surprised when I was reading the instructions on the back of the packet when it said to complelety soak the sponge in lukewarm water and rinse it out till it's damp and then use it. I always assumed you just used it how it was, although using it damp makes a bit more sense.

So everyone in the beauty world has probably tried Argan Oil by now but what can I say, I like to be fashionably late to the party! I'm excited to try it though and I'm hoping it makes my hair look fabulous.

I'm always on the lookout for nice lip tints that won't dry my lips out, not had much luck so far so when I saw this Astor one with balm at the other end, I just knew I had to give it a go! The shade is a lovely delicate pink on my lips and the balm is so soft and moisturising. That's only from one quick application though so I'll test run it properly and write up a review on it.

fragrancedirect currently have these for 99p (a whole penny less than I paid for it!) there are loads of shades available as well so I might be tempted soon!

Top 3/4 swipes. Bottom 1 swipe.

I've never tried any Sleek products before so when I saw this I kinda pounced. I'm a sucker for mascara, love trying out new ones. Although my favourite has been stuck on Scandaleyes for quite a while now!

The brush on this really confuses me, the bristles are so short and stubby! I'll give it a go though, who knows it could be amazing!

Lash Out - 99p from http://discountuk.com/

So this was more of a 'for Louis' item. He had been moaning about his tired eyes then I saw this so I'm going to make him use it and let me know if it makes much of a difference. I will probably give it a go as well although I don't tend to get many under eye problems.

They are putting all sorts into beauty products these days, snake venom, snail slime, what next?!

Eye cream - £1.89 from http://discountuk.com/

Bit of a practical item next, a stand for my tablet. I was in bed a couple days ago trying to watch a film on my tablet and I had to prop it up in between pots of body lotion and bars of soap so it would stay up so when I saw this, I knew it would be better!

I got ridiculously excited when I saw this. I love trying out new facial cleansers so this was no exception. I looks really weird and will no doubt feel quite strange the first few times I try it but bring it on!

I'll probably write an in depth review once I've used up all the pads in the packet. They look like felt fried eggs!

This was a little hint from Louis. A stop snoring device... 99p from http://discountuk.com/

Last but not least, a health item! A digital skipping rope, it counts how many skips(?) you have done and also count calories burned. I used to absolutely love skipping when I was younger so I'm reigniting my love for it. Just need to remember to strap down my nunga nungas so I don't end up with black eyes!

There are other products that I got but I'll be saving them for another post ;)

Are you a fan of discount shops? (Silly question I know but there will be some people out there who don't like them!) What's the last thing you bought yourself?


Chub rub

How many of you have suffered the dreaded chub rub? What with this insane weather we've been having the past few days, my thighs have been getting a battering! It is quite possibly one of the worst things about beautiful sunny days, feeling like you have sandpaper between your chunky thighs! I have a wonderful wee tip so save your chafing leggy pegs, well two tips; walk like a crab and boom, no chub rub! However if you would like the option that won't get you ridiculous looks in public then read on!

Yeah you're seeing right. Men's stick deodorant. I cover my thighs in this wee beauty before I head out and I am good to go no matter what I'm wearing! I don't even have to reapply it throughout the day one application in the morning and I'm good to go!

I was a bit silly and forgot to put it on on Monday so I did get a wee bit of the burn, my upper thighs are where I get hit the most. But come Tuesday morning I was certainly remembering to put it on! Because it has 0% Alcohol in it, it doesn't sting if you put it on over previous rub.

I'm now carrying this in my bag all the time as a 'just in case', it's always a just in case with me! And I've been telling anyone and everyone who will listen to try this out. Try it yourself and tell me it doesn't work! ;)

Do you have any other tips for chub rub? Let me know below!

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