Things are looking up!

This is pretty much all my news right now but it's fabulous news!

I turned the big 25 on Friday and celebrated it in a very drunken fashion! Plenty shots and a mahoosive hangover the next day. I usually pride myself on the fact that I don't get hangovers so I don't know if it was the copious amount of shots or the fact that turning 25 has now led me to get hangovers but it was brutal and I do not fancy suffering like that again!

After getting over the mystical hangover I received a phone call inviting me to an interview so of course I said yes! Luck was not on my side after that phone call however, I then developed the worst sore throat I can imagine, started hacking up my lungs, got really sore pains in my ears and sneezed more time in an hour than I think I have my entire life. I felt like a bag of battered crap! I sent myself to bed as my interview was at 9am the next morning.

My wish of getting a good nights rest and waking up feeling better was dashed as I woke up every two hours coughing or being absolutely freezing because I moved 1mm but I still managed to get up for my interview (albeit 20 minutes before it actually started although I still got there 5 minutes early.) Due to still feeling horrendous I didn't see any point in trying to throw makeup on to make myself look better so I went au naturale and really didn't think I'd have a hope in hell of getting it. I did explain to the interviewer how rubbish I was feeling though.

My worries of not getting the job were soon quelled however as the guy interviewing me ended with "I'm not going to beat around the bush. Do you want the job, it's yours" I then of course accepted and like the tit that I am, high-fived him. Why am I allowed outside?

Anyway, Monday rolled in and I decided to weigh in. I wasn't expecting anything great as it was my birthday weekend, plenty alcohol and naughty foods. I was fully expecting a huge gain. Imagine my delight when the scales told me I had lost 1.8lbs! What a great start to my week! I had already told myself that after my birthday weekend, Monday would be restart day so this was just the thing to perk me up for it. Let's not lie, if you say you're going to start on a certain day, weigh yourself and find you have gained weight, it makes you feel like crap (and sometimes you feel like it's not worth restarting, but it is!) then other times you find you've lost some weight and it just sets you up to continue!

To finish my turning 25 being awesome, I had my trial shift this morning at my new work basically to just show me the ropes, what I should be doing etc and although it was at 7am I was up, had breakfast and was out the door for ten to. I will enjoy living this close to work! It might take a while to get used to the early starts (my shifts will be 6.30-9am, eeesh!) but I am so bloody thankful to have even gotten a job let alone one that is less than 5 minutes walk from my front door!

Things are on the up and I feel great for it. I knew this move was the beginning of good things!

How has your week been? What's the best thing to happen? All about the positivity right now!


  1. I love this post! Glad to hear things are going swimmingly for you

    1. Thank you! :) Feeling very positive just now x

  2. LOVE that things are looking up for you! :)
    I couldn't help but giggle when you said you high fived the interviewer...love it too! hehe..
    the best thing about this week is that I passed my driving theory test first time :)
    all about the positivity, I'm with you on that one! :)

    1. Aha, I was so mortified when I realised afterwards what I'd done but he returned the high five so he's just as weird/awesome cool as I am. Hahaha.

      That's fantastic news! I still definitely have the fear when it comes to driving but I've been thinking about saving up some money and maybe taking a few lessons to see how I get on.


  3. Happy (late) birthday!! Sounds like it was a great one indeed :)

    Congratulations on the loss and new job- that is so amazing!!


    1. Thanks Jen! It was a fantastic night, the hangover was less fantastic though ;)

      On a roll hopefully! :) xx


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