Recent purchases

Thought I would update you all with some of the things I've been buying recently. As of now I've put myself on a slight ban, in that until I get a decent routine and budget sorted out, I can only buy things that I need (we'll see how long that one lasts!)

Yet another Montagne Jeunesse product! I'm undecided on this mask though, it felt more like a creamy exfoliator. It smelled like chewing gum which was quite odd at first but then I quite enjoyed it. My skin did feel great after using it then sticking some moisturiser on so I might get it again and give it another go.
Bought from Asda for £1

I picked up this Denim effect nail polish from Asda for £3, I wouldn't say it is very denim-y but I do like the colour!


Why is it so difficult to get into a routine?!

Since starting this job any form of routine I had has completely gone out the window! I feel like I don't have time for anything these days, most of all blogging! If I'm not at work, I'm on my way to work or just getting in the house and going to bed!

I seriously need to get on top of my housework, then once it's done I won't have to worry about it piling up because I'm never here! So that's slowly happening. I'm just going to have to push past the tired barrier to get it done.

I need to get back into exercise properly, I actually miss it! I mean I have my walk to Falkirk train station then to the Gyle from Edinburgh Park and then back again at the end of the day but I want to get back into my Wii Fit and of course more outside exercise! Muj and I went for a jog yesterday around Callender Park. 10 minute walk to warm up, quick stretch then managed 15 minutes of jogging with a couple minutes of walking throughout (felt like I was breathing fire at some points!) Race For Life is in 2 weeks now! I know I've not trained as much as I should have or even as much as I wanted to but I will do it, even if I walk most of it! I'm really starting to enjoy jogging/running outside, I'm getting over my anxiety concerning it but I'm still get paranoid about people watching, laughing, etc Just have to keep saying to myself that at least I'm out moving and doing something!

I have plenty of fish and meat portioned off and in the freezer so I can prepare meals. I think I might start using my days off work to batch cook then freeze meals, might be the best idea if I'm going to always be busy with work and travelling.

I will get back into the swing of things, I just have to accept that it might not be immediate but I'll get there one day! Perhaps I should try to tackle just one thing at a time then move on to another until I've got a routine down.

Once I've sorted out that routine I need to figure out where I can fit blogging in! Again my days off will probably be used to take pictures and schedule posts but I'm also going to check my tablet to see if there's an app or something that I can write posts on, use my train travelling time a bit more effectively than just sleeping!

How do you do it all? Seriously do you have schedule apps or something? I applaud you all!


They're Real!

I'm sure most people have taken advantage of this offer. I don't usually buy Elle, my magazines of choice are Zest and Company but when I saw They're Real, I couldn't resist! I even gave the mag a wee read.

I lust after so many Benefit items so this was a no brainer really. I've tried out They're Real at a Benefit counter and was amazed. This wee sample size was perfect at reminding me of just how amazing the mascara is and I'll definitely be purchasing a full size one one day!

The wand is fabby. I love these kinds of bristles as opposed to brushes, just a personal preference really. They coat my lashes fantastically and it even gets to the wee ones in the corner. I don't have nay pictures of my eyes to show the difference but if you've tried this before you'll know what I mean. If you haven't then go try it!

What should be next on my BeneList?


And so I return!

Hello blog readers! First off, I must apologise for my recent absence, I've been working non stop and basically been working then going to bed! Secondly, I have not been all that healthy since I started my new job. I've been eating fast food, junk food, easy food. Well no more! I'm 'back on it' today, I've put on nearly 2lbs in the couple weeks I've been at this new job!

I went for my usual Sunday night shop with Muj yesterday and as usual we hit the reduced to clear section like ravenous beasts and came away with a full trolley! After I got home, I portioned off some of the food in an effort to stop me pigging out and eating it all at once.

I'm getting Sky tv and internet put in soon so I'll no longer have to rely on my neighbour's and I'll hopefully be able to get my computer up and running. I also got a new phone and a free tablet with it so I have all the technology to blog, instagram, tweet, etc! No excuse now, except for work of course. Haha. Once I've figured out a good routine, I'll probably use my spare time to schedule blog posts. I've never been good at that old routine business but I'll give it a go!

So right now, I'm really not feeling well. If you follow me on Twitter you will probably have seen me moaning about it. I'm really faint, dizzy, nauseous and just generally run down. Hopefully I'll get an emergency appointment with the doctor tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Once I'm back on top form health wise, I'm going to get back into doing my Wii Fit, I've not done it once since I started my new job! Might try 30DS again as well.

I'm going to be posting much more regularly these days, maybe not every day but at least once a week! Still a mixture of everything, healthy, beauty, diet, fitness. Hope you enjoy it!

And now to end, have some pictures I've taken on my way to and from work.

Until the next post. Smile, love life!


Ramble ramble

Just a quick wee post today to say that I'm starting my new job on Saturday so I'm thinking about maybe posting once or twice a week as a kind of round up and then on days off I can get reviews, hauls, etc prepared to post.

I'm really excited to start this job, I can't wait to be working again and earning my own money! I'll still be living to a budget and most definitely will still be raiding the reduced to clear sections but it will be nice to be able to be social, go visit people, just having the option will be wonderful!

Flatmate will be moving in soon too, it's all happening isn't it?! It'll be great having another girl around the house, especially one that also blogs and probably loves beauty products more than me!

My Race For Life is in just over 5 weeks, I really need to get back out and jogging again, need to build up some stamina. I don't really want to walk it, of course if I have to then I will but I'd like to jog or even run some of it.

Eating and exercise has been pretty good this week, always room for improvement! I've noticed, I've been eating more and more vegetarian meals and when shopping, I'm looking at more vegetarian options. I'm not going to become vegetarian but I also like having some meat-free days. 

I feel like I'm kinda just talking rubbish now so I'm going to stop. I'll see you soon.

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