April/March Degustabox | First Impressions

I know I know, I still have posts to get up from last month's Degustabox! I am slowly getting round to it but I couldn't just let this one sit there without shouting about it! Sit tight for last month's posts but for now here is April/March's. Again, I never know what month to go with, I get the box at the end of the month but use it the following. What do you all think?

The box looks fantastic this month! More snack based than last month but I'm not complaining about that. I love a good snack! If you read yesterday's post though, I will be rationing the 'naughty snacks' and as always sharing them with Muj.

Starting top left and working clockwise we have Crabbie's ginger beer in the flavour Scottish raspberry, nice touch Degustabox! Really looking forward to trying this out as I absolutely love Crabbies! There were some recipes included for trying this out but I will probably just be drinking it from the bottle. I'll keep the recipes though as Muj and I really need to have another cocktail party soon!  (£2.19)

Next up is Mornflake Superfast which I'd never heard of before. It's a breakfast pot that you add cold water to and it 'magically' turns into milk (it's sprinkled with powdered milk, but maaaagic). These sound absolutely fab and I'll definitely be trying them out on days when I've hit the snooze button too many times and need to run to make my bus!  I got the fruit & nut muesli and raisin, honey & almond granola. There's even a wee spoon inside the lid so you don't have to worry about taking one of your own. (£1.20 each)

Item number 3 is from a brand again that I'd never heard of. Keogh's hand cooked crisps in the flavour Atlantic sea salt and irish cider vinegar sound absolutely delicious. In fact, I might just open them up and eat them now while writing this up! They are made in Ireland with natural flavours from local farms and they are gluten free. We all know I don't have an intolerance to gluten but I always love finding foods that everyone can try and I know plenty people that do have an intolerance so being able to show them things like this is always good! (£1)

Over half this box is from brands I've never heard of and Cawston Press is the next. This is a sparkling apple and rhubarb soft drink which I'm a bit dubious about trying as I'm not that keen on rhubarb but of course I'll give it a go! As you can maybe tell from their name, they only use pressed juice not from concentrate, there are no artificial sweetners, no colourings and no preservatives so I'm hoping it's a can of tasty goodness! (£1)

McVitie's Jaffa Cake Mini Rolls have been in my life a long time but the two flavours I received in the box are two that I've never tried; berry burst and tropical. There are 6 in each packet so 12 all together but I'm rationing myself to one every couple of days. Apparently they are 'brrrilliant frozen' so I'll definitely be trying that out! (£1.30 each)

I've seen so many adverts about Dr. Oetker products and I'm always salivating by the end of them so receiving these was an utter delight! It's cooking chocolate as well so hello cereal cakes! One bar is milk and the other is dark (which is my favourite kind of chocolate) so there will be a little bit of variety with the cereal cakes, well as much variety as you can have with cereal cakes! (£1.69 each)

Sticking with the chocolate theme, Lindt is my absolute favourite chocolate brand ever! It's so indulgent, so delicious, just amazing! There were three in the box so I've given one to Muj, sharing is caring and all that. The other two will be put away in the 'treat' cupboard and I will not eat them both in one sitting. If I start to think about it, I'll send a tweet out and you all have to shout at me! (80p each)

Second last product and again I've never heard of them! Clearspring are an authentic and organic fine foods company that have been going since 1993 and it's all Japanese foods. Apart from shop bought sushi, I haven't tried any Japanese foods so I'll definitely be looking more into this company! I was sent two sachets of miso soup which I've been told is delicious and I've actually been meaning to try it so this is perfect timing. (£1.29 each)

Last product and again, from a company I've never heard of Go Splash. Funnily enough though I have a post coming up in a few days on the exact same product just a different company! Now I have some variety. This is a blackcurrant sugar free water flavouring. You simply pour yourself a glass of water or buy a bottle if you're out and about, squirt some of this go splash into it and hey presto you have juice! (£2.45)

So this month's box is rather good I'd say, what do you think? 15 items this month totalling a cost of £20 which is fab considering it's only £12.99 a month for a Degustabox and that's including postage, however, I have a nifty wee code that will get you £3 off so free delivery and you only pay £9.99 for your box! Just enter the code "IV399" when prompted and you're welcome!

What is your favourite item out of this month's box? I don't think I can actually choose one!

As always you can find out more about Degustabox on their website, Twitter and Facebook

Alana x


  1. I love it or should i say loved it lol it is mostly gone - the crabbies was AMAZING!! , I got strawberry and lime and i must admit i was scared to try it as i hate ginger beer but I LOVED it and i am dying for more #goingtobeacrabbiesaddict

  2. These boxes look fab but not sure I'm good enough at the rationing?! Hardly heard of any of these so def lookin forward to your reviews
    Bee Happy and Healthy


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