Quick life update

In case you haven't noticed, I'm getting back into the swing of blogging. About bloody time too! I love blogging, from researching products and trying them out to the painstaking task of getting the photos just right (I know what I like!), from hours of reading other blogs and tweets to pushing that publish button . I don't do this for the followers or the page views, but let's not lie, everyone loves getting some comments on posts and people interacting with you but mostly I do this for me. It makes me happy and it doesn't matter if I have 5 readers or 5000 readers, as long as I keep doing what makes me happy, anything else is a bonus!

Unfortunately I'm still trying to unpack and get the flat sorted out with Muj so posting won't be on a regular schedule but just the fact I'm trying to get something written down is making me feel so much better! To be perfectly honest I've felt a bit lost not being able to write anything. I have a fair few ideas for posts I'd like to do in the future and although I seem to been leaning heavily on the beauty side I will be getting back into health and fitness. I've been eating quite horribly since we moved because we don't have a routine for anything yet and I've just been lazy but I have been working on getting back into my healthier eating habits. Vegetables are your friends! I did put some weight on but then I got ill (I've had gastroenteritis the past week but think I'm getting over it all now) and I seem to have dropped those extra pounds gained.

Combined, Muj and I have enough exercise gear to open up our own gym so I'm not short on equipment, it's just motivation and space I'm lacking in! We are working our way through all the boxes though and once that's all finished we'll have space to haul out whatever we want to use that day and get on with it! My Aunt very kindly gave me her exercise bike and I've been after an exercise bike for ages so I'm really excited to get using that. Also, Muj has an air glider and I absolutely love them so that'll be getting used too!

I don't quite know how to describe my mood/mental state recently. I've had a couple down days but they were different compared to in the old flat. I think it's maybe because in the old flat I had so many bad memories to dwell on and in this flat I don't really have any memories yet so when my mood dips it doesn't really have dark places to go to just emptiness, which I suppose is better.

The main thing I'm going to focus on just now is getting this place looking fabulous, getting my eating back on track and I'll commit to at least one blog post a week until I'm properly back on track.

Apologies for rambling away, just wanted to get a wee update out there. I'll see you soon!

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