Specs Appeal

My attitude to glasses has changed so much over the years. I've been wearing them since the age of  7. At first yeah they were novel and exciting but as I grew up a bit I hated them. The frames you got in the 90s didn't have a patch on frames these days!

I rocked the Harry Potter specs for quite a few years and clearly I've always been fabulous.

I could go days, weeks or months loving the fact that I wore glasses then other times I would simply hate them. I'm still like that today. There are some days where I wish I could just have laser eye surgery and be able to wake up with 20/20 vision. That's just a pipe dream though and not because of the cost; due to the problems in my eyes, I couldn't get laser eye surgery even if I wanted!

Contact lenses are always an option, I tried them at 16 and loved them. Didn't mind touching my eyeballs all that much but at 16 I didn't really want to faff about taking them out at night and putting them back in in the morning. Quite often in fact I would fall asleep wearing them and wake up thinking I'd been healed in my sleep! 

So for now, I have come to accept that glasses and I should be pals and this is where the lovely people over at Specspost come in. They gave me the option to choose three frames to try out and then very kindly said they would put lenses in my favourite and send them back to me!

I've not sent the frames back yet because I just can't decide which pair I like the most so I'm taking a poll to see what everyone else prefers and hopefully that will help me make a decision!

(We are still on phone photos. I will find that bloody cable!)

First up we have the Fleet Street Twin Tone Clear and Black Retro. These are a bit smaller than I thought they would be but I still love them. They are totally different from what I would normally go for. Louis made me giggle as when I was trying them all on he said these reminded him of men from the 60s, personally I feel a bit Dame Edna Everage in them and that's no bad thing! I can't decide if maybe they are just a touch too small for my face or not but I really like how they look.

Next up are the Shuffle Black glasses. Again these are a bit different from what I would usually go for. For years now I have stuck to chunky rectangular frames so it's nice to try out something new! I love these frames on and so does Louis (he says they remind him of Laura Prepon from OITNB). Sometimes I think these frames are a bit too harsh against my oh so delicate features but then again I think I could pull them off.

To slightly stick with tradition I also chose some square/rectangular frames and these are the Hawaii Nights Duo Two Tone Geek Glasses. This picture doesn't really show off the two tone very well (curses to you camera cable!) but the bottom half of the rim is a dark olive green colour. I really don't like this whole 'geek' thing that's been happening the past wee while, I mean I used to get bullied for being a 'geek' and now it's cool and hip? But I just couldn't resist these glecs, these ones are a bit bigger on my face than I thought they would be but I think they still look good.

So now it's over to you guys, which pair do you think I suit the most? Leave me your comments below and hopefully I'll decide on a pair with your help!


  1. Glasses suit you so much! I like the last pair the most. You're gorgeous x

  2. The last ones!

  3. The first ones. They are right shape without being too heavy. They frame face nicely.

  4. I like the last pair best

  5. Not the top ones puts me in mind ae ma gran lol last pair lol

  6. Second pair Alana xx


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