They're Real!

I'm sure most people have taken advantage of this offer. I don't usually buy Elle, my magazines of choice are Zest and Company but when I saw They're Real, I couldn't resist! I even gave the mag a wee read.

I lust after so many Benefit items so this was a no brainer really. I've tried out They're Real at a Benefit counter and was amazed. This wee sample size was perfect at reminding me of just how amazing the mascara is and I'll definitely be purchasing a full size one one day!

The wand is fabby. I love these kinds of bristles as opposed to brushes, just a personal preference really. They coat my lashes fantastically and it even gets to the wee ones in the corner. I don't have nay pictures of my eyes to show the difference but if you've tried this before you'll know what I mean. If you haven't then go try it!

What should be next on my BeneList?

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