Ramble ramble

Just a quick wee post today to say that I'm starting my new job on Saturday so I'm thinking about maybe posting once or twice a week as a kind of round up and then on days off I can get reviews, hauls, etc prepared to post.

I'm really excited to start this job, I can't wait to be working again and earning my own money! I'll still be living to a budget and most definitely will still be raiding the reduced to clear sections but it will be nice to be able to be social, go visit people, just having the option will be wonderful!

Flatmate will be moving in soon too, it's all happening isn't it?! It'll be great having another girl around the house, especially one that also blogs and probably loves beauty products more than me!

My Race For Life is in just over 5 weeks, I really need to get back out and jogging again, need to build up some stamina. I don't really want to walk it, of course if I have to then I will but I'd like to jog or even run some of it.

Eating and exercise has been pretty good this week, always room for improvement! I've noticed, I've been eating more and more vegetarian meals and when shopping, I'm looking at more vegetarian options. I'm not going to become vegetarian but I also like having some meat-free days. 

I feel like I'm kinda just talking rubbish now so I'm going to stop. I'll see you soon.

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