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Thought I would update you all with some of the things I've been buying recently. As of now I've put myself on a slight ban, in that until I get a decent routine and budget sorted out, I can only buy things that I need (we'll see how long that one lasts!)

Yet another Montagne Jeunesse product! I'm undecided on this mask though, it felt more like a creamy exfoliator. It smelled like chewing gum which was quite odd at first but then I quite enjoyed it. My skin did feel great after using it then sticking some moisturiser on so I might get it again and give it another go.
Bought from Asda for £1

I picked up this Denim effect nail polish from Asda for £3, I wouldn't say it is very denim-y but I do like the colour!

Wee Poundland haul! I'm sure the hair bands and clips are for kids but even if they are, they were too cute to say no to!

I prefer these kinds of crocodile clips, less chance of me ripping my hair out!

I absolutely love this wee butterfly set!

I really want a Tangle Tease but until I do get one, this Tangle Attack will do. I know it's not going to be as good but it's doing the job well enough! I've been keeping this in my bag quite a lot, it's a lot handier than my big paddle brush!

So I picked up the first two polishes from Poundland and I'd bought the other one a while back but thought I'd picture them all together seeings as my wee collection is growing! I freaking love this polish, it's amazing. Sally Hansen for a pound, yes please!

Last but not least in this wee round up are these two beautiful smelling candles, they are gorgeous! I'm really bad for buying pretty looking things then not using them because I don't want to ruin then but these smell so good that I have to light them!
I can't remember an exact price but each of these candles were under £2 from Homebase.

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