Why is it so difficult to get into a routine?!

Since starting this job any form of routine I had has completely gone out the window! I feel like I don't have time for anything these days, most of all blogging! If I'm not at work, I'm on my way to work or just getting in the house and going to bed!

I seriously need to get on top of my housework, then once it's done I won't have to worry about it piling up because I'm never here! So that's slowly happening. I'm just going to have to push past the tired barrier to get it done.

I need to get back into exercise properly, I actually miss it! I mean I have my walk to Falkirk train station then to the Gyle from Edinburgh Park and then back again at the end of the day but I want to get back into my Wii Fit and of course more outside exercise! Muj and I went for a jog yesterday around Callender Park. 10 minute walk to warm up, quick stretch then managed 15 minutes of jogging with a couple minutes of walking throughout (felt like I was breathing fire at some points!) Race For Life is in 2 weeks now! I know I've not trained as much as I should have or even as much as I wanted to but I will do it, even if I walk most of it! I'm really starting to enjoy jogging/running outside, I'm getting over my anxiety concerning it but I'm still get paranoid about people watching, laughing, etc Just have to keep saying to myself that at least I'm out moving and doing something!

I have plenty of fish and meat portioned off and in the freezer so I can prepare meals. I think I might start using my days off work to batch cook then freeze meals, might be the best idea if I'm going to always be busy with work and travelling.

I will get back into the swing of things, I just have to accept that it might not be immediate but I'll get there one day! Perhaps I should try to tackle just one thing at a time then move on to another until I've got a routine down.

Once I've sorted out that routine I need to figure out where I can fit blogging in! Again my days off will probably be used to take pictures and schedule posts but I'm also going to check my tablet to see if there's an app or something that I can write posts on, use my train travelling time a bit more effectively than just sleeping!

How do you do it all? Seriously do you have schedule apps or something? I applaud you all!

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