Imperial Leather Foamburst | Spicy Ginger and Orange

I was recently sent the Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body Wash in Spicy Ginger and Orange which was a wonderful change as since moving house the only kind of body wash/shower gel I've been able to unpack or find is a supermarket basic shower creme which is doing nothing for my skin! I've always loved Imperial Leather products growing up especially the Foamburst line. I used to waste so much of it just by sitting down and squirting the gel out and watching it turn into a foam. Rest assured I don't waste products these days, I'm too poor for those fun and games!

So as I said, I was sent Spicy Ginger and Orange and to be perfectly honest, after looking on the website this was one of the ones I thought I would least enjoy. I'm not a big fan of ginger outside of cooking and I'm quite hit and miss with orange scented things so I really didn't think I would like this. I decided to jump in the shower and try it out anyway though and I was very pleasantly surprised! I actually really liked it. The scent wasn't too overpowering like I thought it would be, it did smell spicy but not enough to catch the back of my throat and the orange complimented it perfectly!

Before I got the foamburst through the door, I hopped over to the website http://www.foamburstgenies.com/ so I could have a nosey at what scents there were. In this new luxurious body wash range there are 7 scents. Each scent has a genie assigned to it and if you go over to the website you can watch videos on each genie enticing you. Let me just tell you, those videos are bloody hilarious! I fully recommend you go watch them all. Personally I think this is a great way to market their new products, it's fresh and exciting. It's a great way to incorporate social media into the promotion of their products through people posting the videos and talking about them.

Of course, being a Foamburst I can't write up this review without talking about the foamyness. It still amazes me to this day that it can go from a gel inside the can to a fantastically creamy foam that feels so silky smooth on your skin! The past few times I've used it, I've just been squirting it into my hand but I want to get a hold of a decent sponge and try it with that. As much as I love lathering it up in my hands, I feel the product would go a lot further if it was on a sponge or loofah.

For one squirt of the foamburst, you get so much product out of it. It comes out as an orange gel them as it turns to the foam, it expands and you are left with a lot of foam to wash yourself with! This is another reason I want to get a nice sponge to use it on, I feel like I'm wasting it by using my hands so if you have any recommendations for purse friendly decent sponges, please let me know below! ;)

How fitting that that wee squirt looks like an orange segment! I have to apologise for the photos, I'm a very unorganised person. I've unpacked my camera but didn't pack it with the cable to connect it to the computer so it's pretty much useless! Until I manage to find it in a box somewhere, I'll have to use my phone. I really don't want to do it but it's either that or don't blog and I really want to get back into it!

The genie for Spicy Orange and Ginger is called Blaise, he is intense.

When I first went on the site http://www.foamburstgenies.com I picked Brennus which made me giggle as he's Scottish like me (I'll definitely be trying his foamburst, blackberry and wild fig) although he can command a wolf pack with his brow, I can barely command my hair to sit right!

As I said I was pleasantly surprised by this scent so it's made me think about trying the other 6 even though some of them don't sound too appealing to me. Let's hope I get some birthday money and I can stock up!

Let me know below if you go to the website and which genie you chose!

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