Well look who didn't actually come back and start writing posts again. Eurgh. I'm really sorry guys, I dunno why my blogging mojo ran away but I'd quite like it to come back asap! I'm currently in London visiting a friend and I'm headed to Be:Fit on Friday but once I'm back I'll have plenty to write about! I think one of the reasons I haven't come back is that my computer is so beyond rubbish that I dread turning it on let alone composing blog posts! Unfortunately I can't just use my tablet or phone to write the posts up as I can only connect my camera to my computer. Do you see my dilemma? I'm going to push past it though and try and write up some posts as I can once I'm back home.

I miss writing and I miss reading other people's posts as well. Bloglovin has long been neglected. I'm rectifying that tonight though and having a wee nosey at what everyone else has been writing about. Hopefully it'll give me some inspiration. I just need to get back into the habit again, I had a nice wee routine with writing and reading posts.

I'll be back very soon with two Degustaboxes! (I totally forgot to put last months up, see I need routine and stability!), weigh ins, food posts, the usual you've come to expect from me and also some posts about my trip to London.

I hope you've all been keeping well!


  1. Welcome back. Csn't wait to hear about your adventures

  2. welcome back!! you have been missed


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