March/April Degusta Box | First Impressions

I never know what month to put these as because I get the box at the end of the month then use it the following month. Anyway, I have returned from my stupidly long hiatus and what better post to officially come back with than Degustabox! 

If you haven't read my previous posts about Degustabox, they are a monthly food box subscription service. Much like Graze boxes but on a larger scale. You receive 10-15 surprise products some of which are brand new to the market, you eat them and if you're like me, you blog about it! Of course you don't have to, but it's nice to share right? For more information you can visit their website here.

So before I jump into what I got I just have to say that Degustabox have actually changed who they send out your boxes with and this has also come with some fancy new packaging inside the box, which I absolutely love! I know right, getting excited about packaging... It's like giant bubblewrap!

And here are the goodies! I love that there is always such a mix of ready to eat foods and what I like to call recipe foods. It's like a gentle nudge every month to remind me to try out some cooking.

 How cute do these wee flavoured milks look?! I'm not the hugest fan of milk so I'm looking forward to trying these out. There were a couple coupons in the box as well to get a free 3 pack and a bottle from their 'adult' range that I'll be putting to good use next time I'm in Tesco!

 As some of you may know, I am awful at having breakfast! I can't have cereal every day as I know I'd get bored far too easily and some days I just can't face eating/cooking anything! I can't stand raisins so I'll be giving the bottom pot to Muj but I'll definitely be giving the plain pot a go! 

 I can't wait to try these two out, all I have to do is add mince and some vegetables and I've got a meal! I've got so many packets of pasta and jars of sauce in the cupboard that I really should use but these products from Organico will be getting used first!

 If you remember the last Degustabox I wrote about, I received some Maggi products that I absolutely loved. Anything to make cooking easier and more Alana friendly! These look like the could fall into the same category. I'm especially looking forward to trying the tagliatelle ones.

 My biggest vice, crispy and savoury snacks! Muj and I have already discussed covering the nachos in cheese and sauce and banging them in the oven so I can see that happening soon. I didn't know Tyrells did popcorn so that'll be a new on for me.

I've never tried any Chai products so I really have no idea what to expect when I try this out. It's chocolate flavour though so that's always a bonus! I love tea and I love lattes so I'm hoping that I'll enjoy them combined, we'll find out!

So overall, I am loving this month's box! I'll only be giving away one thing I don't like which is better than last month's box. Speaking of last months box, I received it when I had fallen out of love with blogging so I didn't write about it, if you're interested in what I got though, I'll gladly do a post about it, just let me know!

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  1. what did you get in the other one? * is nosy*


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