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  Ever tried something on and you can swear there is a choir behind you singing hallelujah? Well that's how I felt when I tried this on. I feel I should warn you all now, I'm not too great at taking pictures (especially pictures of underwear!) but hopefully I'll get better as more time passes.

This is the Panache Underwire Sports Bra in Raspberry and I nearly cried when I tried it on. I'm not even kidding. I managed to hold back the tears though and instead ran about my livingroom doing star jumps. Louis looked very confused but I promised him it was totally necessary.

I've had sports bras before but they were always cheap ones so they didn't last very long or give me any support. Seriously, at one point I was having to wear a normal bra then my two 'sports' bras over that. I'm all for layering but that's just taking the biscuit!

What they say: 

  • Reduces bounce by up to 83%
  • Wide padded straps
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Silicon encased underwire
  • Racer back option

I agree with all of the above. Let's start with the reduced bounce; my bounce was definitely reduced! Like I said earlier, as soon as I tried it on I was jumping about like a loon and fair enough there was still some upward bounce (let's be honest you ain't cutting off my bounce completely!) but downward; well they just kind of stopped. It was a new and strange feeling. I can now jump around without worrying that the weight of my breests will drag me to the floor!

The wide padded straps are the comfiest bra straps I've ever had the pleasure of slipping over my pale wee shoulders. They don't dig in at all and I don't have to constantly readjust them or fix them, they just stay put. Breathable fabrics is definitely a yes, I don't feel clammy and minging whilst wearing this or get that digusting under boob sweat. Very refreshing!

I can't really say much about the silicon encased underwire apart from it feels rather sturdy so I hope I don't get the dreaded end of the underwire poking out. I've lost many a bra that way, always happens to my favourite bras as well! It doesn't dig into my ribs either surpringsly. I think I've found the holy grail of sports bras!

This is the normal back option. When I first tried it on I thought it sat a bit low however upon rigorous testing (star jumps) I found that it sits in the perfect place! Just above my fat rolls.

Ok bit of a confession to make now. I didn't know the bra has a racer back option when I was looking at it online or even when I got it. I was just so excited that I didn't read everything properly. Even when I was taking pictures of the back of it I thought the pink bit sticking out might have been a big thread or something.

 While checking the very.co.uk page for info on the bra to write this post, I noticed it said racer back option and I was positively giddy! After trying it out I found that it makes the sports bra even more secure, still without digging in! So thanks to my excitement and inability to read properly I just got a nice wee surprise.

One of the features of this bra is that it isolates each breast while lifting them and I was rather worried I'd look like a poor man's Madonna. However my fears were put to rest when I tried it on and I was simply lifted. I feel like I don't hunch over anywhere near as much I do when wearing normal bras; is it really a sports bra or a correction bra to stop me ending up like the hunchback of notre dame?!

So overall this bra gets over 9000/10. I love it and I'll be going back to Panache in the future!

 Have you tried any Panache products before? What's your favourite sports bra?


  1. I am in need of a new sports bra. This one looks really good. The colours are flawless!
    I'm only a D/DD and I find it hard to find a decent sports bra, usually rock a bra underneath too. So I feel your pain considering your boobs are like five times the size of mine. aha.

    Will be looking into Panache products I think!!

  2. I'm an H cup but only a 30 back size which makes buying bras a total hassle. Panache have always been top brand for me! They're so comfy and although they have a pretty steep price tag, it's totally worth it!

    Jen xx

    1. Hi Jen,
      I'm a friend of Alana's BUT! I work for Bravissimo. We stock from a 28-40 Back and from a DD-L in the cup. If you're able to go to one of the stores in the UK I'm sure the ladies will be able to help. Alternatively, go have a look on the website :) x

  3. That looks amazing, I've been looking at panache for ages and considering getting one, I think that's given me the push! I love shock absorber too. I'm a DD and so its important to get it right when I'm running particularly!

    Fact of the day for you. Do you tumble dry your bras? that contributes to the wire breaking out, the wire gets hot and burns through the material little by little time by time. When I stopped doing it they lasted a lot longer! Hope thats helpful if not you just learned something lol.

  4. These are literally the best sports bras in my opinion! We sell them at work and I recommend them EVERYTIME unless someone would prefer a none wired bra! They're awesome and give so much support and as you say, reduced bounce ;)
    always make sure you hand wash you bras though especially sports bras WITHOUT fabric conditioner. The fabric conditioner eats away at the elastic in bras. Take it in the shower with you and lather up some shampoo on the bra and rinse it out with warm water they'll last you so long! :) xxx

    1. Oh, great laundry tip! My running gear specifies to wash without fabric softener but I didn't know why. I'll do that with my bras too.

  5. It looks like a really good fit. Love the colour too.

  6. Congratulations on finding a sports bra that works! I'm still on the hunt.

  7. you naughty enabler! mines is in the post lol !


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