Degustabox First Impressions + Giveaway!

When a wee email landed in my inbox asking if I'd like to review a Degustabox (website here) I actually squealed with delight! I've been following their twitter account (link here) maybe a couple weeks after it was created and it was one of the companies I knew I was going to try when I had the money. Basically, you pay £12.99 a month (£9.99 and £3 postage) and you are sent the mammoth box you see above, it will contain 10-15 food products, some well known, others new to the market. Your only steps really are receive box and enjoy! I thought the idea was great, a food box subscription service. Just like Glossybox or Birchbox but with noms instead.

It's a tad picture heavy from now on but keep going and you'll get to a discount code and a giveaway!

So I'm really looking forward to trying almost everything in this box. I'll be giving the chunky tomato soup to Muj as I can't stand anything with tomatoes in (but I love tomato flavoured things, can someone explain that?!). The Dorset Cereals berry granola will be great for getting me back into the swing of breakfast and I can't wait to try the delicious looking Jules Destrooper butter crisps. Muj and I have already started planning what we're going to do with the Quinola Mothergrain Express quinoa (definitely eating it hot). I'm hesitant but looking forward to trying the Go! Kombucha fermented raw tea and despite my last encounter with coconut water, I'll give the Zico a go, hopefully the fact that it's chocolate flavour will make it a better experience than the last! Absolutely cannot wait to try all the Maggi products and who doesn't love sweeties?!

A couple of recipes were included in the box along with a list of all the items, what they are worth and a little bit about them. The £10 off voucher is for a beer subscription that I think I will be putting to good use ie. saving up the cash and getting one for myself! Depending on how Muj gets on with the chunky tomato soup, I'll probably give her my Amy's Kitchen voucher. Otherwise I'll find something for myself with it.

I absolutely love this box, I've been lusting after monthly beauty boxes but I think these are a much better idea. Sure I'd love getting makeup and skincare every month but I'm pretty sure I'd appreciate food more. I can't always afford what I want during food shops so having a wee supply of things in my cupboards already would make life a lot easier. Look out for reviews and recipes using the items from this box, I'm excited to get in the kitchen and try them out!

So onto the good stuff for you readers, first off I have a discount code that will get you £3 off a Degustabox (ie free shipping, you would just pay the cost of the box £9.99) and that code is 3UJD1 just enter that on the payment page and there you are! Secondly, I actually have a whole Degustabox to give away! By entering the competition, you will have a chance to win the February Degustabox. The contest will run until Feb 18th and the winner will be notified shortly after by email (and twitter if you provide your twitter handle). I really need you to get back in touch quickly and give me your details as the boxes will be going out on the 20th.

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Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway :) my fave item is the quinoa

  2. What a great giveaway! I love the look of the jelly sweets, I have a massive sweet tooth! Xx


  3. Fab giveaway! I think the dorset cereals is my favourite item! xx

  4. What an awesome concept! Alas, I can't enter the giveaway because I live in Belgium. I'm hoping I can find a similar box out here; got my tummy growling already.

  5. these look awesome!

  6. Great giveaway !

    My fave is definately the jelly sweets ha x


  7. I love the monthly box idea but wouldn't use beauty stuff but I would def use food! Looking forward to your recipe for the Quinoa I'd love to try it, fingers crossed for a wee free box! clarebrownJ6@gmail.com

    Bee Happy and Healthy

  8. Great giveaway! It all looks yummy, I love the idea of the box, I think I may have to give it a go :-) rachelkmarshall@gmail.com

  9. grantsarah at live.co.uk


  10. ooo never heard of this before, quite unique to the same old beauty boxes out there! the granola sounds right up my street delicious! wonderrcolourbehind@gmail.com xx

  11. You're so luck to try this! I'd love to give it a go!

    Corinne x

  12. The Good stuff sweets!

  13. I think it might have to be the butter crisps. My current clean eating plan wouldn't allow me to have, unless of course they arrived in a box like this and it was rude to not eat them!

  14. Not sure where my post went, it's vanished. Never mind. I would be greedy and choose 2 things. The butter crisps and the quinoa.



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