A wee catch up

So that's my DietBet coming to a close, will be submitting my final weigh in tomorrow morning, the past 4 weeks have gone by so quickly! I remember sending in my first weigh in and being really positive about doing this!

Unfortunately it hasn't quite gone that way. I had a big drop of 4.6 in the first or second week and since then my body seems to have ground to a halt.. There have been little drops but not enough to get me down to the 202.9lbs I needed to win. I can't see me losing 4.5lbs from my last weigh in and tomorrow morning but I'll certainly give it a good go!

Going to get on with some cleaning/tidying/organising then I'm going to try a Blogilates video on YouTube, I've been warned that they are killer but I'm still gonna give it a go! Seeings as it's such a nice day today I'm going to head out for a walk after lunch to Callendar Park, hopefully with some company but if not I'll just whack my ipod on and go for it!

My bike broke yesterday, some problem with the back wheel so my friend is coming over after work to fix it and if it's works, I'll be cycling to the cinema tonight with Louis. We're going to some special viewing of a film because he has an Unlimited Card so that should be fun!

Been slacking a bit on the water drinking so need to get back on track with that. I've been feeling the effects of not having as much as I usually have, sluggish, skin has been a bit dull and a lot less energy. Not a fan of that so I'm back to filling up my green water bottle and have another bottle chilling in the fridge for later. Just going to alternate between the two bottles so there is always some made up and waiting in the fridge.

I'm feeling very inspired to get out and walk/jog/run/just move after reading a couple posts on Jemma's blog and Iona's blog so that's what I'm going to do! Just move. Also ladies, if you fancy a challenge, I'd love to go out with you one day, training or a race (just remember I'm awfa slow just now!)

I'll let you know tomorrow if all my activities have somehow helped me win my DietBet. I'm not holding out much hope but you never know I suppose!

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