So I'm still not used to using my tablet but I have figured out that I can post from it as if I'm using a laptop/computer. Happy days! Now I iust need to figure out if I can add pictures but that can be a job for another day.

I feel like I've totally lost my mojo this past wee while and all I am is a wee worker bee. I'm slowly getting back on track with everything but it's taken much longer than I thought it would. I want to be that person who inspires again, the person who clogs up your feeds on social networking sites with her workout logs, blog posts and upbeat attitude.

I feel so out of the blogosphere loop, dont know whats happening in beauty land, fashion world or health town. I want to go back to interacting with bloggers and trying new things out

This is a very 'I' post and I apologize for that, I'll be back to my happy, chirpy self by the next post. Tomorrow is Day 1 of Wii Fit (again), doing it first thing in the morning totally sets me up for the day so looking forward to starting that again. Also need to go back to having early nights.

This almost feels like a promise post to myself and you guys. I will try harder and if you think I'm not trying hard enough, shout at me! Seriously though, I'll get it back. Ill make you all proud again.

Till next time, make good choices and be happy!

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