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On Wednesday after Louis and I's usual trip to the cinema (thanks Orange Wednesday!) I popped into Poundland to have a quick look. I had a whole £1 in my purse so I knew if I found more than one thing I wanted I'd be buggered!

Luckily this was the first thing I picked up and I fell in love! I'd seen Sinful Colours in a few make up collection videos but didn't know anything about them. The thing that drew me to it was it's black. I'm always on the hunt for a good black polish. Not had much luck in that department. I remember buying a Chanel black polish when I was a teenager and it was amazing! As much as I loved it though, it cost me £14. These days I can't quite justify spending that much on nail polish (yet).

This bad boy though, I'd happily buy it forever! This stuff is amazing. It does everything that I want a black nail polish to do. It goes on so well, it's a nice thick formula but not too thick that I'm painting tar on my nails and best of all, it is opaque after one coat. You heard me right, one coat and I'm ready to go!

 I'm slowly getting better at painting my nails, not without the help of my corrector pen though! I also want to try the tape and glue tips I've read so much about!

I'll definitely have to see if I can get some more of these before Poundland stop selling them, bloody wonder polish!

Have you tried Sinful Colors (colours)? What did you think?

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  1. I love a good black nail varnish xx

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