NHS Livewell | Week 2

And we're onto the next week of the plan! You can read Week 1 here and again you can find it online here.

Ok so this week's actions you can see above. 150 minutes of physical activity divides up into just under 22 minutes a day, seems a lot more doable now doesn't it?! I'll definitely be working on this as I've not been exercising as much as I could in the past few months.

I've had the C25K app on my phone now since I read that I would be doing it on this program so I'm quite excited to start that on Monday. Ever since my Race For Life (post here) I haven't really done much jogging/running so I really think this will help me get back into a good routine.

A large portion of my exercise is done in the house, every now and then I'll be feeling really positive and venture outside but I don't usually plan out where I'm going so I will be making routes using Google Maps.

I am really struggling to stay within the 1400 calorie limit. I'm so used to my 1660 allowance from MFP so it's a shock the system. Unless I count my total calories after exercise then I've not been within the 1400 much :/ I prefer the way MFP works with calories as it changes depending on your weight whereas this NHS one is just one allowance for everyone.

There's not really much to say about this week of the plan that isn't already in the pictures. It's heavily focused on exercise this week which is what I need so I'm totally ready to kick my butt into gear!

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  1. I've just started working out this week again. Well, today.
    Not worked out properly in a few months so I'm just doing fifteen minutes for the first week and increasing. Doing ballet fitness and it kicks my arse!!

    Jen x.


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