I cannot believe I've lost my oomph already. I have all these plans about what food I'm going to cook, what exercise I'm going to do and then it just doesn't happen! I've taken to following a lot more health/fitness blogs, twitterers and instagrammers so I have motivation wherever I go on the internet. Mary-Jane and I are also restarting our healthy Thursdays. First time round we were reading a book; a 12 week plan, so we read and focused on one chapter each week. After we finished the book, we still had our Thursdays together but there wasn't anything to do really so we'd go to Asda, get some dinner then come home and lounge for a bit. This Thursday we will be starting the 12 week Losing Weight - Getting Started PDF that is available on the NHS Livewell page. There is a link to it here, just scroll down a wee bit and you can view the PDF files.

It seems like quite a basic program to follow for beginners but I don't mind. Maybe I need to go back to the beginning to give myself the kick up the ass I need! I've tried not to look at it too much otherwise there isn't any point in Muj and I meeting up to read it! Although I am hoping to lose weight using the program, I'd be much happier if I could get into a routine and actually stick it, meaning that I'll lose the weight AND keep it off.

Seeings as it will be Thursday evening we meet up to go through each chapter, I'm thinking about posting here on the Friday with maybe a brief overview about what this week was about and what we've to do etc. I also didn't put up yesterday's Monday Meals (sorry!) I'm thinking about taking pictures of Sundays meals and then putting them up on the Monday, it means I'm not having to wait until the Monday night and after I've had dinner. I will become an organised person eventually.


My takeaway ban ended on August 31st and since I have had chips, cheese and donner meat, chips and cheese and tonight I'm having a Dominos. Yes it's disgusting and unnecessary but I think my brain is thinking oh, it's been a month, you can eat them now so eat them all! So no, not having any of that! I'm having my pizza tonight and then that's me off takeaways again for the foreseeable future. Until I am in a very good place that I know I can have a takeaway because I will exercise it off, I just won't be having any.

Part of the 12 Weeks Losing Weight Plan is to do Couch25k so I've downloaded the app in preparation, I'm not too sure when in the program it starts but I'm ready for it! I haven't really done any running since the Race For Life so I'm looking forward to getting back into that. I've also been saying for the past week now that I'm going to start 30DS then I always end up not doing it so providing I get a good nights sleep tonight, I will be bloody starting tomorrow. You all have permission to harrass me on social networks to see if I've done it or not as well! ;)


I want to do this. I want to be healthy. I want to be fit. I want to be happy.

And I will be.


  1. It is SO hard to stay motivated hun! I am having the same issue as you. I post healthy meals that I try and diet plans as well as exercise tips too if you want to take a look. Don't be discouraged. You can do it!

  2. you'll get there, just wait until that movation kicks in Alana! You are on the right track so don't be too mad you had a take away or two! I had a sausage supper the other day, in bed!

    let me know how you get on with the Couch25k, eh? promised myself I'd start running again once I'm totally off the cigs for a few weeks!

    Jen x.

  3. Its so hard to keep your oomph :( you'll get there hun, youve did amazingly already xox

    The Style Khaleesi

  4. I took off all of last week for dieting/exercising. I feel soooo much more motivated this week, I really think I needed the mental and physical break. I know you will get it back too!


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