My Lovely Boyfriend #3 | Air Max 90

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I have finally received my last very delivery of fitness gear! Enter my first ever pair of Nike Air Max. That's right, my first pair. I like being late to parties it would seem.

I bought a pair of Karrimor trainers near the beginning of the year and loved them. They cost me £40 from Sports Direct and while they might not have been the bestest shoes ever but they were doing their job. I've totally outwalked them now hence the need for a new pair. I'm sure I read somewhere that shoes last a certain number of steps or miles (or something like that) before you have to replace them.

My taste is trainers seems to have changed quite a lot from when I was younger. As a teen, I hated pretty much all trainers. I thought they were ugly and chavvy and minging. I'd wear black ones if I had to (PE) and skate shoes. Anything else was soooooo not cool. These days I love bright, eye catching trainers that my teen self would have simply hated.

After wearing these bad boys a few times, I can happily say that I love them! They are so comfy and wonderful to move in! It did take a while for my ankles to get used to wearing them and the front of them is really flexible so that'll take a wee while to get used to that but oh my I love them!

I'm really looking forward to wearing these whilst I do 30DS which I WILL be starting today! I keep saying I'll start it then I don't but new month, new routine!

What shoes do you exercise in?


  1. I have never had Nike air max either, will need to treat myself

  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster award...head over to catwalkcrisis.blogspot.co.uk to see what you have to do! Xxx

  3. I was the same at school! I completely shunned proper running shoes, but now I love colourful sporty shoes. They sort of cheer you up when the burn starts to feel like it might kill you, lol. :)

    These look like they give so much support, might see how my pilates goes and if I start jogging I may have to look into buying a pair.


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