October is a go! | Shaytober & Abtoberfest

That's it, we are in October. 2 months to go until 2014. I've decided to make this my month, I'm taking part in Shaytober and also doing the Blogilates calendar this month (#abtoberfest). I'll be tweeting about them both and also posting on my blog's facebook page (AlanaGetsHealthy if you want to give it a wee like!) then each week on a Monday I will post a recap of the week; how my eating went, what exercise I did, how I'm getting on with everything. I'm also hoping to get a video up each Monday talking about pretty much the same things, how I've been getting on for the week.

I'm feeling really positive about this month, I can totally kick my ass into shape! I think one of the reasons I'm feeling so pumped up for this is that as of today I am 10 months smoke free (if you have me on any social networking sites you'll already have seen my picture about this, what can I say, I'm proud!) I feel like I have a good enough grip on not smoking now that I can get back into healthy eating and exercise.

This is the #abtoberfest calendar for the month and as I'm typing this I've already completed the Great Gatsby Workout and Dance With Me Abs and I'm just about to attempt VS Abs and BB3: Abs Abs Abs. This is going to hurt! ;)

*EDIT - I managed to get through a modified VS Abs but I felt quick sick after it so gave BB3 a miss. I don't feel too bad though as I did do C25K earlier!

Want to join me? Go for it!


  1. Good job on the 10 months free smoking that is amazing! I'll look out for your updates x

    1. Thanks Kirsty! :) We can motivate each other! x

  2. That calender looks really handy! I started working out about 3 or 4 months ago and I can admit- I'm feeling way better then ever! I have more energy and I'm feeling more happier too. And I'm really happy for you! Keep doing and don't stop, because I stopped and it's really hard to start again! :)


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