Week 1 | Shaytober

In my excitement to get up the FABB post yesterday, I forgot that I was supposed to do my recap post of Shaytober week 1! So last tuesday was the first weigh in for Shaytober and I weighed in at 222.6 and yesterday I weighed in at 222.4. I'm pleased that I had a loss (a tiny loss) but I know I could have pushed myself A LOT more however, I also started to realise through the week that trying to do C25K and Blogilates and other exercise was just taking on a bit too much. I was waking up on C25K days in agony, I wasn't able to get tidying/packing done because I was so sore.

I know that my body will be sore for a while before it gets used to regular exercise but this amount of pain was stopping me doing day to day things so I've reigned it in. I'm going to continue doing C25K until Muj and I finish the program and I'm going to start using my elliptical and hand weights more but I think I might hold off on Blogilates until I'm a bit lot fitter. I was having to constantly modify every move and even stop throughout workouts as I physically couldn't continue. Blogilates is fecking hardcore!

I'm starting to realise that my goal of 20lbs is a pretty steep ask, so I'm just going to work as hard as I can without doing any damage to myself and see what the scales say. Watching some videos and reading the Shayloss fb page has disheartened me slightly as some people were pulling in such big numbers. I'll just need to work extra hard this week and try to get on track a bit more.

Seriously need to get back to guzzling water, I know I haven't been drinking enough. Food wise, I need buckle the fuck down and stop eating shite. I know I won't eat completely clean but I need to eat healthier. Hopefully once I've moved house, I can get into a good routine planning and preparing meals.

I'm annoyed at myself for starting out the week so great, eating well and plenty exercise but I know I pushed myself that little bit too much and for the rest of the week I lost it. From now on I'll be sticking to C25K 3 times a week then gentle but hopefully effective exercise throughout the rest of the week.

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