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First off I need to state that I am a rubbish blogger and forgot to bring my camera to this event so all the pictures I have are ones I managed to snap on my phone (must remember camera in the future/get a snazzy new one as the one I have is falling apart!).

Anyway, FABBGlasgow was this Saturday and it was amazing! It was held in Fanelli's in Merchant City. I'm not too boned up on Glasgow, I know the city centre from the top of Buchanan Street down to St Enoch Centre and that's about it, so I had no idea what to expect. Fanelli's is actually inside Merchant Square, a lovely wee space with bars and restaurants, a beautiful indoor courtyard and when we arrived, there were lots of stalls selling yummy cupcakes, gorgeous paintings, handmade jewellery, bath and shower goodies, just lots of homemade loveliness! I'll definitely need to head back there one day.

I met up with Hailey of Hailey's Beauty World before meeting a group of bloggers at Central Station. We both suffer from anxiety problems so I'm really glad she met up with me. We spent most of the event together as well, it was nice having someone I knew I could go to. (Thanks Hailey!) I can see me spending a lot more time with Hailey in the future, she's such a lovely lass and we have quite a few things in common.

We got to the event about 20 minutes before it started so Hailey and I had a browse around all the stalls before heading up to the balcony of Fanelli's for our FABB day. I'll be honest, this event was not what I was expecting at all. I was expecting to maybe sit down and have talks from companies and I was told a week or so ago that we might get a wee goodie bag during the event. Oh boy was I wrong! As soon as we showed our tickets to gain entry to the event, we were handed a big black bag filled with goodies! I was gobsmacked. Different companies had set up stalls on the balcony and you basically went to the ones you wanted, spoke to the people there to get some more info and most of them were also giving out goodie bags. My arms were killing me by the end of the day!

I'm pretty proud of myself for resisting these delicious looking cupcakes! I saw them on the way in but tried to ignore them. I caught them later and took this wee snap then backed away slowly! Plus Mallzee had so much fudge that if I had tried both I would have felt like a wee piggy!

Next to the cupcakes was a small bundle of prizes, all you had to do was send out the tweets that were on the sheet of paper to win them! I only entered two of them as I wouldn't have used the other prizes and if I'd won, I would have felt guilty taking the prize away from someone else who would have used it! (I didn't win either of them but congrats to all the girls who did win!) PS. Don't you just love the candles in the bottles? 

Now for a quick run through of the companies there (I will be posting more in depth posts about them in the next few weeks so look out for them!). In no particular order, the companies there were AppointeddDIY NailsBeauty KitchenLushMallzeeCrystal ClearIconic Body ArtThe Pokey HatTropic Skincare, and Cocoa Brown. I managed to get round most of them even if it was just for a nosey at their stall or a few minutes of their time.

The stand out stall for me had to be Beauty Kitchen. They are all about natural products, no chemicals or synthetic materials, they use local ingredients and the thing that cinched it for me was they use recycled products to store their products in. The example we were shown was their body scrub was put into old Costa jam pots (they were thoroughly washed first of course), I just thought this was such a great way of recycling, I wouldn't have though of something like that! (I can also imagine Beauty Kitchen employees sneaking about Costas pinching these jam jars like little recycling ninjas!).

I loved seeing the  Mallzee crew again and of course I had another lengthy chat with my new BFF Laura ;) I really can't wait to see this company grow and blossom into a worldwide phenomenon. I quite enjoyed the fact that were some companies there that I hadn't heard of before as well such as Cocoa Brown, Tropic Skincare and Crystal Clear. I always love finding out about new companies and trying new products so I have a wee list now (on top of the many many lists I already have).

Oh did I forget to mention that One Direction showed up as well? I jest of course, it's Hailey, Cally (ceo of Mallzee), Laura (my bff), another lovely Mallzee lady (whose name has totally escaped me, sorry!) and myself. I loved the photographers there, they had so many silly props and it was such a giggle!

Hailey and I couldn't resist the taches!

As well as the companies there were of course, lots of bloggers! I feel really bad as I didn't get to talk to as many of them as I wanted to although I managed to have a great chat with Kirsty from Rockit Style, I hope to see her more often although there is a bit of distance (she lives up north in Aberdeen and I'm here in Central Scotland!)

Excuse all the boxes in the background, I'm moving house on Friday!

Remember all those goodie bags I was telling you about? Well this is what I came home with. I am speechless! Like I said earlier, I wasn't expecting this many things in the slightest! I know some people were moaning about having to pay £10 for a ticket and not knowing what was happening but let's be honest, this is worth a whole lot more than £10! Massive thanks to all the companies and of course Tor and Ray of FABB Events for putting on such a fabby day!

I've now got A LOT of things to try out and tell you all about which will keep me busy for a good month or so! I don't even know where to begin if I'm honest, all I know is I'm waiting until I've moved house before I even think about starting on it all! I'm not going to lie there are a few things that I know I won't use so instead of letting them sit in my collection unused, I'll be putting them into a wee pile I've been making to have a giveaway!

A very late FOTD from Saturday. I mustered up the energy after FABB to go to a friend's house for a few drinks even though I was in agony and very sleepy! Brownie points please?

If you attended FABB Glasgow, leave links to your posts or videos about it below, I'd love to read what you thought of the event! I'm looking forward to attending more events in the future and hopefully I'll remember my camera next time!


  1. did you win lush as well or is that just a bag in background , event sounds fab , good luck with your move x

    1. The lush stuff was given to us as well! :) I'll be doing a separate post on that soon. Thanks very much! x

  2. fab blog!


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