Moving house!

If you follow me on Twitter or we are friends on Facebook, you will have seen me stressing the past week or so about having to pack up and move house. I hate packing. I love unpacking and finding new homes for everything but that involves packing and so I must endure!

The big move starts tomorrow and I keep feeling like I haven't done a lot of packing. I have but it just doesn't look like it because the place is a mess. Trip to the tip today should take care of most of the things I'm not taking with me.

This is just a quick post to say that while I get settled in my new house, posts will be a bit all over the place. Next time you hear from me on here, I will be in my new house!

Speak to you soon x


  1. Happy moving day when it comes!

  2. good luck ! please check out my blog ...

  3. Good luck! Moving is a PITA but you'll get it done!


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