9 Bar Original

I started buying 9bars a while back now (lazy blogger) and I need to rediscover them pretty soon as I haven't been the healthiest person recently. I figured if I wrote a wee post about them that it would inspire me to start buying them again on my Sunday shop with Muj.

What 9bar say: 9bar is a delicious way to provide an extra energy boost. It also provides a fantastic, tasty, guilt-free alternative when all you actually want to do is indulge. So why fill up on empty calories when you can get the nutritional boost that provides more sustained satisfaction?

What I say: These bars are freaking delicious! Just the right size, they keep you going in between meals and the carob topping is just enough to get your chocolate fix in. I love that they are gluten and wheat free so even those with intolerances can try them out. All together, the seeds, honey and carob work great together, lovely taste and when you're eating the bar it doesn't go all mulchy in your mouth.

I'm now sat here wishing I had some 9bars in the cupboard! Well my plan must have worked. I better make sure and re-read this post just before I go do my shopping!

You can also get 9bars in peanut, fruity, flax, nutty, organic and pumpkin. I'm up for trying all of them but I can probably guess that I won't like the fruity one. It'll have raisins or dates in it (yuck!) and I'm up for trying new things but I know for a fact I don't like either of those things so I tend to just steer clear.

Have you tried any of the 9bars? If you haven't, will you now? Let me know below!


  1. Hey Missus,

    I am in love with 9bars! They are a bit addictive but amazing if you are caught out in between meals or after a workout. I also love Eat Natural bars, have you tried?

    1. They are fab aren't they?!

      I haven't tried Eat Natural yet, I'll have a look for them on Sunday. Any you'd recommend?


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