I actually received my SBN Secret Santa present a weekend or two ago and I was just so excited that I had to open it. Mostly I wanted to know who had got me as their secret santa! I was given a clue inside my extremely cute fox card and so I had narrowed it down to 4 or 5 people that I thought it could be. (My clue was that we met at the Lush Birthday Party).

How adorable is this! I'll definitely be using this to stash all my 9bars and bear yo yos in! I thought this was such a lovely way to package everything. Rather than putting it in a cardboard box or a big package, I really feel 'santa' went out of their way to find something useful instead. This will be loved for many a year to come!

I give my secret santa an 11/10 for effort. This was amazing. I was gobsmacked when I opened it all. They got everything right!

I absolutely love Montagne Jeunesse and this was actually one of their face masks I'd never tried so even more brownie points! I've since used it (Muj and I had a wee pamper evening recently) so I'll be writing up about it soon!

I am in love with this palette! I'd seen blog posts about this one before and the other ones never really appealed to me so I always had an eye peeled for this one but it was never in bloody stock so this was fecking fantastic to open! I'm really looking forward to trying out different looks using this gorgeous palette!

I'm still very new to the blush world, let alone the cream blush world but this colour is so lovely that I'm excited to see how it looks on my peely wally face! It's not too dark so I'm not quite running for the hills and as long as I blend blend blend, I won't look like a clown!

As I was opening these presents, I was thinking to myself 'boy this blogger must have read through most of my posts, face masks, more mua products for me to try' and for that, thank you! Since my last MUA post, I still haven't tried any new products. There's too much choice so when I go into a Superdrug I end up panicking and just leaving with nothing! These two products have now given me something to try without the panic!

This soap smells fucking delicious. There I said it. It deserved a swear, that's how good it smells. Apple is one of my favourite scents for, well anything really, so I was pleased as punch when I saw this wee tin in my healthy snack box. I'm currently working my way through a bar of Pear's soap so I haven't used it yet but as soon as the Pears is done, this square beauty will be taking pride of place!

To finish off, my secret santa got me some very tasty gold coins. Come on, what christmas present is complete without some sweeties?! I had to laugh at them sitting in my healthy snack box but it was only a wee bag.

I have since discovered that my secret santa was who I suspected, the lovely Alison from alleyhope. As she said in her card to me, we had met at the Lush birthday party and that was only a day or two before the present arrived! Were you secretly stalking me Alison? ;) I cannot thank you enough for putting so much thought into these gifts and I hope your secret santa was just as thoughtful as you!

Did you take part in the SBN Secret Santa? Leave me your links to your posts about it below!

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