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On Tuesday I attended the bloggers christmas party that the wonderful Paula and Scott organised. It was in October, which I'm told used to be called November, in Princes Square on the roof terrace. It was a lovely wee venue and I can definitely see me returning there in the future!

It was so great seeing everyone, I love events like this, it's just like one big catch up although this time there were christmas jumpers and mystery presents involved. The theme for the night was christmas jumpers and if you follow me on Instagram (aroseforepona) you'll have already seen my snazzy jumper.

I saw this in Primark and fell in love! Who wouldn't?! I'd worn it to the pub quiz a couple times and got a few funny looks, I even had one guy ask me if he could pour brandy over me and set me on fire. Thought that was a bit harsh, my jumpers no that bad ;)

I was so impressed with what Paula and Scott managed to pull off in their 3 weeks of organising! We were in this great venue, they had put together goody bags and had so many raffle prizes! The raffle was for The Rucksack Project which I think is a fantastic idea. I don't know how much money was raised on the night but I hope it brings at least some people some happiness. I didn't win any of the prizes but I'm happy I bought tickets and gave something back to the charity.

After the usual awkward mingling at the start of an event, everyone had their free drink courtesy of October and then some (I managed to find out the deal for the night was Woo Woos for £3 instead of £6, you better believe I was spreading the good word!). I kept walking about dropping into conversations and trying to chat with as many people as I could but as always I didn't get to speak to everyone!

I did however get to meet my beautiful wee khaleesi, Kirsty and I was beyond chuffed at that! We have been friends for quite a while through the internets. We actually met on tumblr, then followed each other on twitter then found out we both wrote blogs. She's definitely my sister from another mister.

One of the main reasons I loved the event so much, and bear with me, this is a positive. I felt huge. I've been really slacking on the healthy front recently and I felt a bit of a mess when I was there. But I didn't let it get me too down and I'm definitely using it for motivation! I will feel confident and sassy very soon.

Apart from saying thank you to Paula and Scott again, I think that's pretty much me so I shall leave you with photos from the night. If you were there, then leave me your links to your posts about the night!

Lynn and I in our matching jumpers!
Khaleesi and I
The beautiful Amanda/honeypop and I
Morag, Laura, myself, Kirsty (khaleesi) and Jennifer taken from Paula's blog
My lovely secret santa gift! No idea who it is from!

Just a wee sneak peek at the goody bag as I'll be putting a post up about it in a few days letting you all know what I got.

I had a fantastic time on Tuesday, just a shame I missed all the late night partying and had to get the train home at 10.30! One of these days I will just stay at someone's house and we will paint the town red. Kirsty, I'm looking at you ;)

Tell me below about the last event you attended.


  1. don't be so harsh on yourself you look great - i can't tell you the last time i was anywhere - very envious of your event!

  2. I love it! :) Very inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Tina from blog Style Sinners

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