Sweating in public

So I'm not the biggest fan of exercising in public. Ok that's an understatement, I fucking hate it! My anxiety sky rockets and I'm terrified that people will stop, stare, laugh; do what shitty people do. Let's all laugh at the fat lady exercising! No, don't.

I was jogging with Muj around the water in Callender Park for a few weeks before and after Race For Life but then after I injured my knees, we couldn't do it and we've not picked it up again yet. Hopefully tomorrow we will get out, there's a small part of me that actually misses it.

I digress. Yesterday, my oldest friend (as in I've known her for 20 years not that she's really old and I'm forcing and old lady to exercise) and I headed to the park armed with exercise gear to get sweaty. We set up a wee circuit to work round and got to it!

As you can see from the picture, we had an exercise ball, weights, skipping ropes, resistance tubes, a power bow and my worst enemy, a hill.  My wee fat body can't handle hills quite yet without trying to power itself down. I'll be changing that!

We had 5 stations if you will to our circuit. Station 1, run from one tree, up the hill to another tree then back down, 3 times! Station 2 was using the power bow and resistance tubes to simulate a rowing machine. Station 3 was pushups with our feet on the exercise ball; well Michaela had her feet on it, I was at my knees because I was terrified that I would roll off and fall down the hill (I nearly did) and crunches with one of the weights on your stomach. Station 4 was using the other weight to do bicep curls and tricep dips. Station 5 was using the skipping ropes for 50 skips.

#1 I managed to jog/run until the last half, I slowed right down. #2 I didn't have any issues with apart from getting the length right so there was actually resistance. #3 the crunches were fine, I love crunches, the push ups, well the less said the better. #4 was fine, I enjoy arm exercises and I need to tone those flabby things up. #5 dear bloody god, I've not skipped since I was about 9. I managed the 50 eventually after whipping myself with the rope, my tits flying aw oer the joint (really need some new sports bras) and standing on the ropes

We did the circuit once then ran up and down the hill again, I only managed twice this time! To cool down but still work our arms, we picked up the exercise ball and passed it to each other for a bit. Holy hell did it work our arms! It got to a point where we were essentially playing giant volleyball. We did get some funny looks but I got to the point where I didn't actually care.

Ahhh my sexy post exercise face. Don't you want me baby?

Asides from it killing me, I loved it. Think we are going to try and do it once a week as long as our schedules work out ok.

Do you do circuit training? Do you enjoy it? Any tips or exercise you'd add in to that routine?


  1. Keep it up!! Loving the blog :-) xx


  2. Have a plank off!! Healthy competition who hold the plank position for longest! (explanation incase plank off sounded erm..wrong? ha!) Great post keep it up!!

  3. Hi Alana (Great name)

    I've enjoyed reading your posts and nominated you for the Liebster!

    Check out my post


    Look forward to reading more from you.


  4. Lovely blog!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xoxo

  5. Good on you! Working out in public can be so scary but good thing you have a friend there to help!


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