WIW #5 | The thankful maintain

Another weigh in week has rolled on in and as each week comes and goes, I'm less anxious about stepping on the scales. I've accepted that I won't have losses every single week. Even if I eat 'properly' and get exercising done, the scales might not always show a loss (I do take measurements into consideration as well but I hope you see where I'm coming from!) Acceptance is key. I'll gain, I'll lose and I'll even maintain. Which is exactly what happened this week. After last week's gain I'm very relieved with staying the same weight.

Last week: 228.8lbs
This week: 228.8lbs
Loss: 0

I've been much more on track with my eating this week and I'm getting into the habit of logging and submitting my food diaries on myfitnesspal. I feel like the site really keeps me on track and I'm starting to become annoyed if I miss something. Exercise wise I haven't done much, my bi-monthly walk to the jobcentre and back which totalled a whole 34 minutes then there was just under an hour of walking on the same day heading to an interview and then back home. Apart from that I haven't done anything else. I've not restarted C25K like I said I would and I think it's mostly out of fear. I don't want to fall again. If I do, chances are, this close to badly spraining it, I could injure it even further (maybe even break it?). On the other hand, I'm not a doctor and don't know that for certain. I could just be making excuses for myself, it wouldn't be the first time.

Now onto my measurements, again I'm happy to be getting into the habit of whipping out the measuring tape every two weeks, stripping off and checking those inches! I don't have particular inch loss goals, I'm not sure what is considered healthy or how you would even decide what to consider healthy (for example, when taking BMI into consideration, it doesn't take into consideration athletes, I don't know if things like this also affect inches or not) Do you know what I mean or am I rambling?
  • Bust - 48/47 -1inch
  • Underbust - 40/40 No loss
  • Waist - 39/39 No loss
  • Stomach - 47/48 +1inch 
  • Hips - 49/49 No loss
  • Butt - 49/49.5 +0.5inch
I'm not really surprised with the inches put on or the ones not shifted at all considering the lack of exercise. The inch off my tatas though, I had to double check that one! The measuring tape doth not lieth. I feel like I've had plenty time off exercising and I really need to kick it up a few gears and get sweaty at least 3 times a week if I want to make a difference to the numbers on the scales and tape but also to my clothes size, my mental health and the smile on my face!

To finish off today's post I'm leaving you with some motivational images. Seeing them is really a wee kick up the butt sometimes and lets be honest, I'm in need of a big one just now!

I'm feeling very positive about my healthy future and sure it might not last forever or for very long before I have a dip but I'm focusing on the good just now and I'll focus on the good even when I'm feeling shite. Hopefully it'll see me through!


  1. Good job with maintaining! Check out Blogilates on YouTube - there are killer ab workouts you can do in ~10 minutes and you'll feel like you got a serious workout.

  2. Rather you than me! Wish i had your will power to do this. Good luck :)
    I have a Mac giveaway ending tonight and i'd love for you to check it out :)


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