Reclaiming my skin

My skin has been feeling really shite recently. The drastic dip in my mood has meant that skincare hasn't been top of my list of things to do. To be honest, most thing haven't been at the top of my list, everything has just been slowly pushed down further and further.

On Monday night I decided to take charge again and get my skin back into good condition. The Ocean Salt is from my Up and Away giftbox I treated myself to for a year of not smoking (post here) and I picked up the facemask from Superdrug. I saw it hanging up at the end of one of the aisles and it was 2 for £1, I couldn't say no!

When I first tried Ocean Salt, it was horrible. I didn't mix it all up before using it and so my first use was a hefty amount of salt. My skin wasn't happy in the slightest! After that though, I mixed it all up and I've found it's much nicer to my wee delicate face and fantastic and rejuvenating it. I try not to use it too often for two reasons; 1. I don't know when I'll be able to afford more and 2. I don't like using gritty products on my face too often as it gets irritated very easily.

I've never had a problem with Montagne Jeunesse products before. I absolutely love them, can't fault them in the slightest! My only tiny bugbear is that the picture on the packet never matches what comes out the packet. I was a tad disappointed the very first time I used one, all those years back. I love their masks, they always do exactly what they say they will and this anti-stress one was no different. After applying it, I sat back and just breathed for a while, taking in the scent and finding myself more and more relaxed.

After using both these products my face feels bloody amazing again and I feel more inclined to keep up a good skincare routine. Even if I'm having a really bad 'mood' day, I figure if I keep looking after my skin it's one less thing to worry about once the clouds lift.


  1. Ooooo will have to try this out :)

    1. I hope it's as lovely to your skin as it was to mine!

  2. I definitely need to use masks, too. I have a couple sitting around, maybe I'll try one tonight.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I really need to get into the habit of doing them once a week to keep my skin in good condition!
      Did you use yours in the end?

  3. Sorry to hear your mood has taken a dip but good on you for getting your skin back in tip top health. I haven't used any masks in a while but like the sound of a relaxing one & at 2 for £1 no one can resist!

    Bee Happy and Healthy


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