WIW #7 | The 'I deserve it' gain

I'm not going to beat around the bush with this weeks weigh in, I ate absolute shite this week. 2 McDonald's, a chippy and a pub dinner. It's disgusting when I look at it like that. I've no excuse whatsoever. I did swim 40 laps one day but tbh, when put next to the shitty food, it doesn't even matter. You can't out exercise a bad diet! I am glad I went swimming, it felt great being out the house and doing something good for myself  and I'm hoping to sort money out so I can go regularly. I live less than 10 minutes walk from the pool so it would be really nice!

Last week: 228.8lbs
This week: 229.8lbs
Loss: +1lbs 

No excuses. This is my own fault. The one positive I can take away from this is that it's only 1 pound. It could have been a lot worse!

I recently won a wee giveaway, which I'll write a separate post about but what I will say here is it's just the motivation I think I need to get exercising again. Diet, that's all on me, I can't have anything 'help' me eat better apart from my own mind.

I hope I can return next WIW with some positive news. I feel like the last month or so has just been me talking crap and don't actually doing much.


  1. Don't feel bad about eating crap food, it's allowed every so often. I'm so jealous of you for being able to swim 40 laps, I can barely handle a metre.

    Raise The Waves

    1. Thanks Mel but I've been really bad for well over a month now! Really time to knuckle down!
      Ahaha, I just took it really slowly and had a wee 15 second break every 5 laps or so. Very calming and I'll definitely be making it a regular thing! x

  2. calm down ,dear
    No matter what you're going through, it's always better if you have people to share it with.
    thank you for sharing this to us ,
    A woman has to be able to live well.It's very important to own sth. which can't be taken away,so eat what you like and say what you want to say,just enjoy your life,dear
    Hope to be your friend soon
    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog
    hope you can check my blog and share beauty:

    1. Thank you Poppy, that was a lovely message!
      I've had a wee look at your blog and I like it, it's nice being able to see things from the other side of the world! :)


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