Chicken & Quinoa | Eating my Degustabox

Last night my flatmate Mary-Jane (or Muj) and I decided that we were going to make  a decent dinner and we turned to the Degustabox I received (first impressions post here). We decided to use the Maggi SoTender Italian Herbs papyrus paper and Alice & Oscar's Quinola Mothergrain Express Quinoa with some reduced to clear chicken breast. I will forever fly the flag of reduced to clear shopping!

It was all very easy to use which put my mind at rest as I am no Gordon Ramsay, apart from maybe the swearing! One of my resolutions this year was to cook more which hasn't happened all that much but these are great for easing yourself in!

For the chicken all you do is take your portion, lay it on one half of the papyrus paper, fold the other half over and flatten it as much as you can. I had a massive portion so couldn't get it that flat but I gave it a go! Stick them in a frying pan - sidenote Muj and I don't have a frying pan yet so we used a soup pot - 10 minutes on each side and hey presto, done! I think next time we will maybe give it a couple extra minutes on each side as both Muj and I though they were a tiny bit undercooked in the middle and her portion was much smaller than mine! Apart from that though, this was so freaking delicious. It smelled and tasted amazing and will definitely be going in my shopping basket during one of my trips to Asda!

I've not had much experience with quinoa so didn't know what to expect with this. We stuck it in the microwave for 2 minutes and that was it done. My favourite kind of cooking, no cooking! I thought the quinoa was really nice, it didn't have too much taste but I liked the texture and it was definitely filling! Half way through the meal, both Muj and I noticed how full we were getting and very oddly for me, I actually left food on my plate!

To finish off the meal we chucked in some cauliflower and broccoli. Our healthy and filling meal was cooked in 20 minutes and it was bloody delicious! We still have two of the papyrus papers left (I was quite shocked to see you get 4 in a packet!) so we will be having that again very soon

 You can buy Maggi products at Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys, and you can find Alice & Oscar stockists on their website (link here).


  1. that looks INCREDIBLE!!!!

    I love maggi products , i have never tried these papyrus papers - must check these out ASAP

    1. It really was so good! Totally recommend the papers, got another two Maggi products to use up soon just need to get more chicken :)

  2. have you ever thought of buying frozen chicken breast portions - we buy them and then either defrost them or cook them a little , so it is like using fresh chicken really - saves money


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