Less than a year's difference

So I've already plastered this photo on every social networking site I have, I'm ridiculously proud of myself so I'm gonna brag and boast. And why not as well! I've got to love me too ;)

The photo on the left was taken last August during the Edinburgh Fringe (I've cut Billy Kirkwood out of it but I'm hoping to get a new on this year with him then I can properly compare!) the right picture was taken a few weeks ago at Muj's birthday night out.

It just amazes me looking at this, there's been this much difference and I'll be honest for most of that almost year I wasn't trying as hard as I could. Kinda makes me want to kick myself thinking about how much more weight/inches I could have lost but I'm also very happy with what I have lost. Now to kick it up a notch for my next picture!

I love seeing before and afters whether it's weightloss, hair cuts, makeup, etc, do you have any to show me?


  1. Oh wow, you look amazing! Good work girl! xx


  2. You can totally see a difference. Well done, girl! x

  3. you look fantastic! Congratulations!

  4. I don't know if i have told you congrats yet Alana, but you're doing really well!! x.

  5. You look amazing! Well done you :)



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