Yet another 4 item mini-haul

I suppose you could count these things as my reward for not smoking for 6 months (I wrote a wee post about it yesterday)

Everytime Poundland stock Stila products, I get excited, have a rummage and then I'm quite dismayed as they never have a pale enough looking shade (it's usually 'e' that I find) however this time I found 'a' so I'm assuming it's the palest shade they do. Either that or they've made an Alana shade, just for me...
I was quite surprised to find that you got a wee pad with this, I assumed it would only be the refill powder but nope, wee extra there!

Everyone and their maw has heard of Lipcote so I don't really need to say too much about it. My most vivid memory of it is stealing some of my mother's when I was younger and slathering it on, it stung so freaking much! Hopefully it's not as stingy as I remember it!

This is the rough skin remover that's in the first picture, I thought I should maybe pick some up as the state of my feet is shocking! I'm totally blaming it on work. By the time you read this post (it's scheduled) I will have covered my feet in this, then moisturiser and wrapped them in clingfilm then socks on and sleep. I've been promised that the clingfilm trick works so it bloody better!

It's a lovely 'bitty' formula and smells of menthol and peppermint, two scents I associate with foot products. I'll update you all more once I've used this a couple times. I have high hopes!


  1. I never knew poundland occasionally stocked Stila! I'll need to keep my eyes open. And also, let us know how the cling film treatment worked, my feet have been through the wars after ten years of high heels!

    1. They do indeed! It usually goes really quickly, understandably so I'm quite chuffed I managed to get some!

      Feet are feeling fabby! Clingfilm/sandwich bags and socks will be a definite permanent part of my routine!



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