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I was recently contacted to ask if I would like to review a picnic set from John Lewis and I immediately said yes! I love picnics so having the perfect picnic gear is a wee dream come true for me! I know it's slowly moving into Autumn but that's my favourite time to go for a picnic! In the summer, it's too hot, things melt and food gets 'sweaty', there are flies, it's madness! Much better in autumn when you can wrap up cosy, stick some soup in a flask and pack a wee picnic. Sitting in the park watching the leaves slowly change colour and fall off the trees, I can't think of a better setting for a picnic!

This is just a first look at what I got sent, I'm hoping to get out for an actual picnic asap with Mary-Jane so I'll let you all know how that goes!

I was sent a cooler bag, a picnic rug, a basket, a set of bowls and a set of plates. I have to admit, I've already used to cooler bag but not for it's intended purpose. I used it to carry some of my shopping home! It worked great though so I'll probably end up using it again. The rug is gorgeous and from the same range as the cooler bag, the Anorak Kissing Stags range which I absolutely love!

The picnic basket they sent as well is freaking adorable! After using it for picnics I'm thinking of keeping day-to-day cosmetics in it for during the winter. As much as I love autumn picnics, picnics during the winter are a bit of a no-go!

The plates and bowls, I actually thought were ceramic as they are a wee bit heavy but they are made of plastic. I'm assuming they are a bit heavier than usual picnic plates to stop them blowing away in the wind!

So as I said, these were from the Anorak Kissing Stags range and I'll definitely be having a look at the rest of the range as I love this pattern. You can also see the rest of their picnic items at John Lewis picnicware. I had a nosey myself and some of the other ranges are just as adorable as the Kissing Stags.

Can you leave me any tips, suggestions or recipes for healthy picnic foods below?


  1. What a cute set, I love the print! :) x

  2. picnic hamper envy over here , can't wait to see your picnic blog to grab some ideas!

  3. Love love love!!! Follow for follow? http://lifeofabrowneyedbeauty.blogspot.ca Thanks!!

  4. I love the look of that picnic set, I love picnics, and that basket is adorable!


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