EOTD | Actually playing with my makeup!

Look it's my face with make up on it! Now that the weather is getting nicer and my skin is clearing up thanks to the sunny days we are getting, yes even in Scotland we've been having some nice weather in between all the raining and clouds! I decided I would start playing about with my makeup and showing you all the results. Much like my cooking, I'm a total noob when it comes to war paint but I give it a go anyway.

I used my Technic electric palette that I've had for who knows how long now! I've been getting some serious envy with all the posts going about with the Urban Decay Electric palette so decided to work with what I've got (for now). I attempted to use three shades and blend them all together, really need to get my hands on some Real Techniques brushes soon! I call this look Mermaid because I felt like a sassy mermaid once I was finished.

It's a bit picture heavy after this just to warn you. I'm yet to find my favourite pose so for now you can have them all! Also you can see my multicoloured eyes in these pictures, I love them! Not as good as my friend Elfy's though; she has two different coloured eyes! Groovy as Prof. X would say ;)

And of course at the end I stick my glasses on and you can barely see anything!

My eyebrows are just a wee palette I got from my old eyebrow lady before I moved house. Face is MUA primer, natural collection foundation and Stila powder. I'll get better at these kinds of posts, I promise.

Alana x


  1. Looking gorgeous darling :) <3 xx

    Would love it if you could check out my latest post and leave me some love too! :)
    Lucie xx

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  2. looks gorgeous ! I wish i was as good as you at applying make up !


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