Let's talk about weight baby

Let's talk about you (and more specifically) me.

Yeah so it's been a while since I properly weighed in. I've still been weighing myself each week but I've not been taking note of the number; basically I've been jumping on, looking at the number, saying 'ok' then jumping back off again. I need to stop that so from now on I'll be weighing myself on the Monday morning and then getting the weigh in post up later that day or Tuesday morning. I'll probably go with Tuesday as it gives me time on the Monday to write it up and get it scheduled but not have to worry about getting the post up straight away if I'm working or whatnot. 

So yesterday I weighed in at 232lbs. My last posted weigh in, I was 229.8 and that was the 19th February! Considering how shitly I've been eating and the lack of exercise, I'm quite surprised that I've only put on 2.2lbs! I can't rely on that though, I need to knuckle down and get back to eating healthily prepared meals (including breakfast Alana!) and exercise needs to find it's way back into my life! Although I'm always on my feet at work it's not really exercise, it's keeping me from sitting on my ass all day sure and sometimes it can be rather sweaty (mmm nice) it's not quite the same as a good workout. My poor wee Nikes have been abandoned the past few months so it's time to dust them off and get to it! 

Hopefully Muj and I will be starting C25K again soon, although this time I'm going to try and not almost break my ankle! I'm also going to get back into the habit of bringing out the exercise gear that sits in our cupboard. The amount of Netflix I watch in bed is ridiculous and so from now on, I'm going to get the elliptical or exercise bike out, as often as I can depending on work shifts; I don't want to be doing it at 11.30 at night and making my neighbours hate me! I'm also going to start getting off the bus early on the way home. Rather than waiting for it to go all around my town before getting to my stop, I'm just going to get off and walk for 5-10 minutes. 

I've been thinking about downloading a couple apps for squats, crunches etc to build up how many I can do in a day. If you know what I mean and have any recommendations then feel free to let me know! Speaking of apps, I need to start logging my food again on mfp. It sounds bad but it's easier to make me feel guilty about what I've eaten if it's all recorded and I can see it. Or if I'm thinking about eating something, I can put it into the app then see how that affects my calories, fat then hopefully make the right choice.

I've been making some pretty poor choices concerning my diet recently and I've now decided that that is quite enough. I feel like I've hit a bit of a milestone I suppose you could call it. I'm no longer disgusted with myself when I look in the mirror, I'm actually quite happy and proud of myself but I know what I'm putting into my body isn't good for it and isn't nourishing or fuelling it the way it needs to be and so that's what I want to focus on mostly. Sure weightloss would be great, it might make me feel a bit more comfortable but my main focus should be is this food good for my body? That's not to say I'm going to cut out absolutely every 'bad' food, I will still indulge but on the whole I really want to pay attention to what I'm eating and drinking.

As always, any tips, suggestions, etc are most welcome either here in the comments or you can email me (alanagetshealthy@gmail.com) if you don't want to post it publicly.

Alana x

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  1. Sounds like a great action plan - what a great attitude to eating & keepin it up will help making healthy eating a lifestyle you want to continue. I've joined 30day challenge on Eat Drink & Be Skinny maybe that could be something to try? Not an app for exercise but Bodytrak.it records weight, measurements & even a photo to show progress I've started on that too Look forward to seeing you puttin your plan into action
    Bee Happy and Healthy


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