My Be:Fit experience


A couple of posts ago (here) I mentioned that I was down in London to visit friends and attend Be:Fit. I'll write more about my actual trip soon but today I wanted to just talk about Be:Fit. I'd never attended any events like this before and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I knew there would be companies there and talks but I don't think I quite grasped the scale of it all.

I was very kindly given a free ticket to attend on the Friday from Big Shotz through their twitter. They were running a competition and all you had to do was tell them why you wanted to go. My reason was that I lost 50lbs last year and I feel like I've lost my way slightly these days. I thought that Be:Fit would be a great kickstart to get me into the healthy frame of mind again.

From the moment I woke up on the Friday I knew it wasn't going to be a very good day. I woke up feeling very anxious and apprehensive about going. There was even a wee period where I thought about just not going altogether! But I got ready and headed through on the tube to Old Billingsgate and tried to put the negative thoughts to one side.

As soon as I walked in, I realised just how big this event was, the whole place was filled with stands of so many companies, upstairs and downstairs was teeming with people and I arrived at 10.10am, just 10 minutes after the doors had opened! I'm definitely far too used to my not very busy town. After this I tried to adjust and think logically about how I was going to get around. Well logic went out the window pretty much! I wandered aimlessly for about twenty minutes then went upstairs to listen to a chat and Q&A session with Danielle Waterman and Marlie Packer, two of the UKs top female rugby players. I've never played rugby before, I'm much to much of a big wimp but I thought the chat was really good and actually quite inspiring. If it wasn't for the possible injury and definite pain aspect, I'd definitely give it a go after hearing them talk about it. After their chat, I went back to wandering around feeling like a very small (fat) fish in a massive (fit) pond.

I didn't go in with any money (which was my first mistake!) so I couldn't buy any of the products being showcased but I did come away with plenty leaflets and information (and even a couple of freebies, I'll get to them in other posts) if I decide to get anything in the future. Unfortunately, what with my anxiety sky rocketing, I didn't even get to stop at every stand. If there were too many people at one, I'd just move on and forget to go back. All in all I only lasted about two hours before I had to leave. I could feel I was on the verge of a panic attack or bursting out crying, or both. I was really disappointed with myself for not taking full advantage of this amazing event so I think I'll be going back next year.

A couple stands/companies stood out for me, those being Lindwoods, Metcalfe Skinny, Vegesentials, Enhance and Little Miracles. I'll definitely be trying out their products soon and I'm sure there were a lot more companies that I want to try but these are just off the top of my head.

I think one of the main reasons my anxiety was so crippling that day was because I was there on my own. If it had been in Glasgow or Edinburgh there might have been more of a chance of going with people I knew so maybe next year when I go I'll make sure I've got someone to go with! I did however bump into the lovely Kat who writes talesofapaleface. Unfortunately I was right in the middle of a freakout and forgot her name so I didn't make the best first impression. Hopefully I can meet up with her next time I'm in London and show her I'm not a complete arsehole!

So overall I'm taking my Be:Fit experience as a somewhat positive one. I got to see some companies I might never have seen otherwise and I am feeling totally ready to throw myself back into a healthy diet and exercise. I said to Muj last night, I actually miss being a sweaty mess after a good workout!

Did you attend Be:Fit this year? If not, do you think it's something you would like to go to?


  1. I must say despite your anxiety taking over , your doing great , I bet there was a time in your life when you would of just never thought of facing that again after a bad experience

    1. Oh definitely! In the past I would have just written it off and never gone again but I want to enjoy it next time!
      I could have left much sooner than I did but I persevered until I was at breaking point rather than giving up too soon :) xx

    2. you are doing so well! Well done for going again! Gutted I couldnt see you! NEXT TIME!

      Lucie xx

      Fatbeautyx // Youtube // Vote For Me

  2. Sorry to hear BeFit wasn't everything you hoped it would be, but well done on persevering for as long as you could.

    Thank you for the mentioning Enhance as a brand/stand which stood out for you. As a start up it means a lot to us. We would love to have you try some Enhance, so if you drop us a note via our website we can get something organised for you :)


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