Maille Culinary Challenge | Chicken noodles with kale and soy vinaigrette

I know what you're thinking, me and the word culinary don't really go together now do they? But as I've said, this year I want to start cooking more so when I saw the email about this in my inbox I thought bugger it, I'll give it a go! This is my first recipe with one of the two items I was sent out.

Seeing as I'm a total noob when it comes to cooking and I'm still rather terrified of the kitchen, I went with something really simple that I knew I could do without cocking up! I present to you my chicken, noodles and kale with Maille's soy vinaigrette with toasted sesame seeds. Bit of a mouthful!

I love the way the vinaigrette looks in the bottle, everything all layered and I kind of didn't want to use it and ruin it but I'm sure it'll settle down again and go back to looking pretty! I was sent a rather large bottle and only used a small portion so there's plenty left for future recipes!

The ingredients for this recipe are very simple (surprise surprise). All I used was a half packet of mini chicken fillets from Tesco, a packet of egg noodles again from Tesco, a bag of kale and the Maille vinaigrette.

Chop up the chicken, or if you're me and get frustrated with knives not doing what you tell them to, whack out the scissors and get cutting! I used a couple sprays of Fry Light extra virgin olive oil spray, since finding this, I haven't cooked with oil, it's so much simpler and doesn't bog your meals down or make them feel slimy!
Once the chicken was almost cooked I used the whole packet of noodles and turned the heat up a bit to get them cooked. The kale again was a full bag and that just went into the microwave. Once everything was nearly cooked, I used about 3 tablespoons of the soy vinaigrette and added it to the chicken and noodles.

Rather than have a bed of noodles which is what I see most meals with noodles, I decided to use the kale as a base. There was much more of that than noodles! Chicken and noodles on top and hey presto, I was done! It took about 20 mins from prep to cooked

It might not be the most fantastic or technical meal but it did the job and tasted lovely. The vinaigrette wasn't too overpowering although if I were to replicate this recipe again, I might use just a tad more.

What do you all think of my attempt at cooking?!

I'll be posting the second recipe in the next couple days and it will more than likely be just as if not simpler than this. Gotta start somewhere right?!

Alana x


  1. Well done - looks great & a quick, easy & tasty meal!

  2. looks delish and pretty healthy, too!


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