OOTD; Gay Pride 2013

Unfortunately I couldn't go to anything during the day as I was working (I'll definitely try to make it one day though, it would be such a fantastic thing to be a part of!) but I had planned to go out after work with my mum, 2 cousins and my Aunt Jo (mojo jojo), family pride! It was such a great atmosphere to be around, everyone was just so fucking happy! We went to The Street in Edinburgh then CC Blooms for a bit before my mum headed home and I went to Opium (durty moasher at heart!)

This is what I wore and I felt bloody fantastic. For a start, the dress cost me £9! (I got 10% off because there was a wee tear along the seam and it was the only one in that size). Talking about size, it's a 14. A frigging 14, I used to be a size 22! I kept going on about this the whole night, I was just so freaking chuffed with myself! 4 dress sizes down from my largest. I'm amazed at myself!

Mammy and I
Cousin Adrian and I

These were the shoes I decided to wear and if you follow me on any social networking sites, you'll already know what happened...

Yeahhhh so I'm an idiot and it's my own bloody fault I fell! Ended up having to go to hospital last night and turns out I've sprained both my feet and knackered both my knees. That's a skill! It's still quite sore to walk but I'm making sure to divide time up equally between rest and moving. Hopefully it doesn't take too long to heal and I can start jogging/running again!

Asides from the falling over, I had a great night with my family and then I got to see some friends I haven't seen for quite a whille. Overall a great night and I'm still chuffed that dress is a 14!

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