Sunday spends

Louis and I were walking through town today and we popped in to Blockbuster who were having a sale. We went a bit ott...

These are the films I haven't seen yet. I'll be watching Pan's Labyrinth after A Nightmare on Elm Street is finished, heard nothing but good things about it! The other three I haven't heard much about so a bit of a gamble.

These are films that I have seen but wanted to actually own. Bedazzled is a total guilty pleasure of mine, has been since it came out! Can't beat an Arnie film, Serenity or Face/Off and the Three Musketeers has a cast of loveliness!

Always on the lookout for something to nourish my hair. One of the pitfalls of being blonde is that my hair is quite dry and can get very brittle so I'm always hunting for something to make it feel a bit better. Also the same reason I bought the moisturising shampoo. I will have luscious blonde locks that don't snap or fall out!
The Supersoft is for Louis, he needed some more shampoo. I don't think he has specific preferences if it smells nice he will use it.

Another BB Cream, what a surprise! I'm using more and more Derma V10 products and hearing good reviews from people (especially my mother!) so they must be doing something right. Next time I'm going to go for the night cream, anyone used it?

Got a bit of a fright when I squeezed this out onto my hand, it's awfa orange!

My fears were quickly quashed though as it blended beautifully and felt really soft and lovely on my skin. I'll be using this on my face tomorrow to go to work, give it a proper test run!

Picked up this wee pot as well, though it would be great for keeping my slowly growing make-up brush collection.

See, how cute do they look!

So each of the dvds were £1, 11 in total. Each of the next items were from Poundland so a fiver in total for a  whopping grand total of £16. 

Bargain queen so I am!

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