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I have these pants. You all know the kind I mean. 'Bridget knickers'. Except mine could put Bridget to shame. They are quite possibly the largest pants I have ever owned (this is including when I was pregnant!). They are a size 20 and go up past my belly button. There I said it, well I typed it out loud!

They aren't quite as 'sucky inny' as Bridget's but they are as fecking massive. When I first bought them, I'm ashamed to admit they were the tiniest bit tight but I just couldn't bring myself to buy the 22, it was almost as if I didn't want to accept that I had let myself get to that size.

The months have gone on and they have got looser and looser, baggier and baggier, more and more unflattering and I am finally at the stage where I can throw them out and know I will never need to wear them again. That's right, I'm chucking out my 'fat pants' and I'm never buying another pair again!

Also, I enjoy my witty title, I'm not very good at coming up with them so kudos to myself.

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