Do 4 items count as a haul?

Got myself some treats a couple days ago, just couldn't help myself!

I feel like my MUA Loose Powder isn't the best thing for my face so I thought I'd get a wee pressed powder to try out. I remember when I was younger, I'd only ever wear loose powder, some eyeliner and mascara. Oh how times have changed!

£1.99 from Boots. I love Natural Collection, my mum swears by it and I always used to steal her stuff growing up (her No.7 as well!)

How freaking fabulous is this lipstick?! I didn't even know it was like this when I bought it as it was in a wee cellophane bag, I just saw the purple and thought I'd give it a go. I'm on the hunt for the ultimate purse friendly deep purple lipstick.

This beauty came from Poundland! It's called Nivea Volume Shine Pure Diamond in shade 66 Mauve Parure. So I had to Google the word Parure as I'd never heard it before. It means - "a set of various items of matching jewelry, which rose to popularity in 17th century Europe."  Does this means there is more to this range? Matching eyeshadows maybe?

This lipstick could totally fall into the "But I can't use that, I'll ruin it!" but since that post I've been making a concious effort to use my pretty things. I've even burned some of my candles! Definite progress.

I still have problems with liptints, I feel they dry out my lips far too much so when I saw this water based one from Bourjois (again in Poundland) I knew I had to give it a go! It's such a gorgeous deep red colour and if you go on my instagram (aroseforepona) you'll know I've been favouring the ol' red lip these days. I love the clash with my hair and pale skin.

After reading a couple blogs about this mascara, I decided I would try it out for myself and form an opinon. I have used Maybelline mascaras in the past and I'm currently working my way through a tube of Scandaleyes (which I love by the way!)

 I have to agree with Terri though in her post about this mascara in that the Volum' really annoys me for some reason! It is bloody well pointless and you could have just put the e there.

I've not tried it yet so I don't have an opinion on it yet but I like the look of the wand and how flexible it looks although I'm a bit worried that flexible could be mistaken for flimsy :/

I'll let you know after I've used it a few times what I think of it.

What have you bought for yourself recently?

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