Race For Life 2013

I took part in my first ever Race For Life today, my first ever public moving event (apart from going for jogs with Muj if you want to count those). I was accompanied by Michaela (on the left) and Muj (on the right) and my mum, the girls and Louis came to watch and cheer us on!

I lost my Uncle Billy this year to surprise surprise, cancer and I decided the day after he passed that I was going to do Race For Life and raise as much money as I could for him. He was the kindest man I've ever known and I couldn't say a bad word about the man. He is dearly dearly missed.

This is the beautiful sight I was greeted with on my last km, quite close to the finish line. Managed to hold back a few tears I felt welling up. Was so pleased my fabby wee girls got to see me do this though and Georgia wants to do it next year and get her own medal!

Action shot! Not my most fabulous look but ken whit, I don't care. I wasn't doing it to look good. That mass of red hair is Muj giving me a high five and the wee blue sleeves holding up the sign was Georgia with the sign you can see in the last picture.

I deliberately made sure I didn't see what my mum had written when we were in the house, I wanted it to be a surprise when I was there.

I finished in a respectable 48:50, my goal was under an hour so to get under 50 minutes, I was amazed! My wee mammy ran up to me and hugged me and had a wee cry. Think she was quite proud of me :)

I wasn't as prepared as I wanted to be for this and I ended up walking a fair whack of it but going the last km or so, people were holding up signs that were great! "Run, my dad just farted" and "Run like you stole something" Louis joined me at one point as well for a wee walk which was lovely of him.

At the finish line we were given a bottle of water, our shiny medals (which I wore all day, even while doing my shopping in Asda!) and a wee pain au chocolate which I gave to Georgia. Despite being very red in the face for quite a while and wee bit out of puff for a bit, I felt fucking fantastic. After we all finished, we headed off to Spoons for a pint and some lunch, much appreciated and very tasty!

This is my first of many races I believe. I'm going to start a medal collection! My ultimate goal is to run the London Marathon one day. Who want's to join me?

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