Month Off... | January

So the first month off of 2014 is over. Muj and I kicked off the year with booting takeaways for the month. Despite living quite literally across the road from a chippy I've managed to resist every form of takeaway food for the month. We did this last year at some point and I managed to do it then but only just. It was really difficult back then and I kept craving things like mad. This month just felt different for some reason. Muj and I had a McDonald's on the 31st whilst through in Stirling perusing Primark and then decided that was us, no takeways for the next month. We had originally started these as 30 days off but figured it would just be easier to go the whole month.

So despite the alluring scent of the local chippy for some reason, every time I thought about just packing it in and going to get something all I could think about was the amount of fat that goes into making that 'delicious' food. It gave me the boak, just thinking about all that fat, grease and how shite I'd feel after eating it managed to just put it right out my mind! Every other takeaway didn't cross my mind in the slightest, even when Louis was hinting at a Tuesday Domino's, I wasn't interested at all. This month has been really good as I feel it's helped me re-evaluate how I look at food. I want to put healthy, nourishing food into my body that's going to help it and be put to the best use. I want to fuel my body correctly and feel good about myself.

Now that the month is over, yeah sure I'm 'allowed' takeaways now but I can't see me rushing out to go get one tomorrow. Maybe not even the next again day either.Sunday is food shop day so it's out the window then. Now that I come to think about it, I might not be able to fit in a takeaway ;)


  1. ooooh this is so great - well done you!! maybe i should try that now for this next month... :)

  2. Well done you! Good way of reframing how you see food. Amazing how much the mind controls what we eat?

    Bee Happy and Healthy


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