My meals 11th Feb

Breakfast was Tesco Special Flakes with semi skimmed uht milk and sliced almonds.
Lunch was meatballs with carrots and iceberg lettuce and a sauce of cottage cheese, tomato puree, paprika and mixed herbs ( a tad too much paprika this time! )
Dinner was salmon portion, button sprouts, sweetcorn and mashed new potatoes.

I made all these choices thinking I wouldn't be able to log it on MFP or put on here/tumblr. Quite proud of the fact that I still made good choices. That means it's all sinking in!

I'm thinking about maybe doing these kinds of posts, my meals either every day (although I'm afraid that it might get very boring very quickly) or perhaps doing it once a week and just doing it all in one, I'm leaning towards that a bit more just now but who knows I might change my mind!

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