Louis and I did a mini food shop yesterday and having read Nikki's post about Ryvita a few days ago, when I saw them in the shop, I decided I'd give them a go. I've only ever tried Lidl's Rivercote wheat crispbreads so I didn't have much to compare them to.

It was only a small Tesco garage we went to so there wasn't any options, this was the only kind they had. I'd like to try the wholegrain version next time, I tend to prefer wholegrain options to their refined brothers and sisters.

They are so lightweight and just feel like they are filled with air!

Because I'm still not 100%, I decided to just have some slices of wafer thin honey roast ham. They were delicious though! I think I might try them with some tomato soup next time, well I actually thought that while I was eating these ones!

I'm also gonna give Nikki's mini pizza recipe a go, just with a few substitutions. Tomato paste and just regular cheese. Looking forward to it!

What are your thoughts on crispbreads/wheatbreads/crackerbreads etc? A good substitution for bread or not enough?

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  1. I tried the whole grain but they are not as good as the normal
    Ones, unfortunately. :(


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