My Meals 20th Feb

Breakfast - cottage cheese and baked stars sandwich
Lunch - Lentil soup with unbuttered roll and egg mayo roll
Dinner - Admiral's crumble and salad of carrots, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and balsamic vinegar

Yeah, crisps for breakfast, not the best start. A slight improvement on yesterday's nothing but still! I need to get into the habit of eating breakfast again. Lunch was bleedin' tasty! Love some homemade lentil soup. Dinner was a ready meal but I don't really think of these in the same vein as findus meals or tesco value microwave meals. At least there's no horse in this! ;)

Snacks were a packet of crisps and some mints. I'm usually a lot worse with snacks and tonight was a cinema night too so I did quite well I think.

I'm slowly getting back into the habit of eating better food after my 'break'.

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